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Developing a project for promotion of female artists ,

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Female Artists

Female artists in general have been largely ignored and unrepresented in most, if not all, major art galleries. They have less exposure and less chance for exposure.
They have been ignored by the art world for centuries. If you look through history of art, it is a story of men. Nowadays, it still depends on the country. In the UK not all is lost. However, in other countries they should redress the balance between men and women. Including the US, where women artists on exposure are only 5% of all artists. Of course, we have Barbara Kruger. But what about the others? There are so many great undiscovered female artists. Why do you think it is still like that? What do you think about developing a website for promoting female artists, social network/search engine with a donation page? What do you think can be done more about it, in order to fundamentally change not only situation of women in art world, but in society?

  • Sep 23 2012: I'm sorry about this reality. If the people continue ignoring the creativity of wemon, the field of artists will be very poor. I think it's a good idea to develop a website for promoting femails artists.
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    Sep 21 2012: Hi, Elizabet. I am, by coincidence, heading for the art museum in ten minutes. Half the gallery space is closed until October 11 when we open a huge exhibit called Elles. It comes to us from the Centre Pompidou in Paris and is entirely contemporary female artists. That traveling show might be one hundred works.To this we are adding the best of our large collection of works by women (Cassatt, O'Keefe, Kahlo, Imogen Cunningham...), which will together take around half of our gallery space.

    I cannot say how unique this is for the United States, but around here (in this medium sized and artsy city) it is considered the big event of the Fall.

    Maybe twenty other local partners are launching related shows.If you do an internet search for Elles, you may find the documentation of the the exhibit in French (as I believe it is a staple of the Centre Pompidieu) as well as the traveling exhibit and its planned destinations.

    In terms of artists working right now, as opposed to the greats of history, do you have figures on the exposure of currently working women artists relative to currently working male artists? Do you know what percentage of students at art schools are women?
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    Sep 24 2012: I would love this to happen sooner. We have as many visions and beautiful ideas as men do. There's another tale to be told.
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    Sep 21 2012: Really? I always thought the stereotype was that there are more female artists than male, because in general females are more aesthetic and more visual.