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Do you support militiary intervention in countries which make civil war with their own citizens?

Syria, Egypt, the Dem. Rep. of Congo, Sri Lanka...
Why do we let millions of citizens (not soldiers) suffer and turn a blind eye?
Should we not always support intervention by any means necessary to stop civilian killing en masse?
Do they, as fellow global citizens, not need our protection?

Topics: human rights war

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  • Sep 25 2012: All matter outlined are not 'Stories' nor are they 'opinionated' these were from News Media most from the USA. I merely pointed out the dangers of military intervention. When I used the term "Headoffice" I did not intend to give the impression that all data got corrupted! But, you have to look at what I have outlined in a more broader perspective. The moot point I was making was that Military Intervention does not work! It has not worked in Iraq nor Afganistan. It may have worked in both countries if it was handled better - but when cultures clash the good intentions gets lost in the translation! You seem to think that the intervention is working - I sincerely hope it is working but I cannot hold the same hope! Just in the past few days, the Taliban conducted a somewhat of a successful mission in Afganistan - Tell me Rick, how is this possible? Every News Media that I listen to says that the US has ground the Taliban to a complete stand still. and this happens! Look at what happened in Vietnam! quite similar situations! As the US withdrew, the Commies came in to the South, a lot of heads would have rolled - they did it their way. After a while, the Vietnameses themsleves realised the System did not work for them, and now, that country is doing well all things considered! I often wonder whether it is the 'inteligence gathering folk or the news media that get's the whole picture?

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