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Is Atheism just another cult, with their own dogma, like religious cults?

Is Atheism just another cult, like a religious cult, with people who believe there is no god, and in most cases also that what is presented by science is the absolute truth? Do people of an Agnostic persuasion believe, atheists have a blind faith in science, believing what they show, and measure is the last word about reality; believing that this Science supports their side of the debate while excluding the Religious view.

Those in the middle of the God/No God debate (Agnostics) have stated that such a claim is delusional and is indicative of cult mentality on par with religious cultism. It requires blind belief God does not exist which is dogmatic because there is no proof (currently) that is acceptably to the Agnostic crowd that God is or is not. Agnostics see the gaps in Scientific knowledge and try to keep an open mind pertaining to spiritual ideas and their connection to the real world. They have sometimes been accused of creating the Scientific idea of Creationism which has gathered steam in the last decade or so. Being in the middle, They are attacked by both sides of the debate, as will be demonstrated in this debate question.

Biting and Kicking is allowed by the Author and leaves it to TED to tell us where the limits lie.


Closing Statement from John Moonstroller

"Is Atheism just another cult, with their own dogma, like religious cults?"

“The word cult in current popular usage usually refers to a new religious movement or other group whose beliefs or practices are considered abnormal or bizarre.[1] The word originally denoted a system of ritual practices. The word was first used in the early 17th century denoting homage paid to a divinity and derived from the French culte or Latin cultus, ‘worship’, from cult-, ‘inhabited, cultivated, worshipped,’ from the verb colere, 'care, cultivation'.” ~ Wikipedia

“Dogma is the official system of belief or doctrine held by a religion, or a particular group or organization” ~ Wikipedia.

Organizations of atheists ritually denounce the existence of God. They have become an organization, dedicated to the activity of removing all relic’s of Theism from public places. Their dogma is based entirely on their notion or belief that God does not exist. These organizations work tirelessly towards this effort.

It is no longer possible for an individual to simply state they are an atheist, by reason of personal belief, and not be affiliated, by membership or indirect alignment with these organizations.

These organizations have an official system of belief and their doctrine is to end the belief of theism on this planet.

They are exclusive, ritualistic, and have a belief system which generates activity within and beyond the boundaries of the organization. They are a Cult.

Not everyone agrees with this interpretation but the meaning of words evolve over time. To be an Atheist is to believe in a dogma and be a member of a club or organization. In the least, an individual is indirectly aligned with these clubs or organizations by belief or personal assertion they are an atheist.

John Moonstroller

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    Sep 29 2012: Ah sorry I must have been mistaken by the question. I thought we were talking about evidence for or against atheism and theism, not evidence for human being having existed, or a book with having been written than has no evidence to back up any of its claims.

    Remember Scientology has as much provenance as any other religion - a person or people existed, and a book was written..

    You are correct no one knows, however I refer you back to that teapot not knowing doesn't mean there is something magic and unexplainable, it is just not yet knowing.

    It is a belief system based on books written long ago that have no proof to back up any of their claims, it is not based on any provable facts. Based on your last response I'll caveat that with provable facts about the existence of any supreme being or miracles etc. Things like a country exists or xx human being exists may be true, but as stated these facts are very different from the fact that a supreme being or being exists.

    People want to believe in something, people don't want to thing death is the end (if may not be even without the existence of any gods..), people want to belong and fit in, people want to identify with others - there are many reasons on top of the whole indoctrination issue why religions are so successful. As I said I also thing we need to keep religion and the actual existence of a god or gods as separate issues.

    The other point as you are talking about different religions is that they all claim to be right, and the amusing thing is if any single one does turn out to be correct most are wrong.. And depending upon which one that is all the other religions may be in a bit of trouble for worshipping the wrong god(s) or the right god but in the wrong way.

    These arguments always become very circular because those on the 'gods' side offer not proof for god, and expect those on the other side to offer proof against something you can't see / feel etc. which is pretty much impossible.
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      Sep 29 2012: Hi Kevin.
      You're a bit off-topic. Do you think Atheism qualifies as a cult or not ?

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      Sep 29 2012: The truth is ... there is no teapot kevin. It is a mental construct to try and alleviate confusion. ~remember the matrix?

      Religion, as I stated somewhere else, is a history of actual events, a belief system built on the relavance of these events. Atheism cannot dispute Theism if Theism is based on historical events. They can dig in the dirt but that has only proved the events probably occurred.

      The atheist can only deny the events and seek proof to deny that the "relevance" associated by the Theists to the event is incorrect.

      My question is has Atheism become cult like as a result of their dispute with Religion. When investigating a psychopathic killer, the detective must sometimes put themselves in the mind of the Perp. Have atheists been looking for proof too long? Have they become similar in organization and scope by their association with Religion. Remember. Atheism is not a subset of the Scientific Mindset. It is a task, A journey to disprove something.

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