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Obama vs Romney

Who would you vote for?


Please, expose your posture and convince me and the rest of our colleagues.


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    Oct 4 2012: Well David, Pat, thank you for your comments. It's interesting to read US citizens' points of view.
    In Europe there is a big cliché about Dems and Reps, and this helps to nuance that.

    I really don't believe electing a President is choosing a future. It seems to me that if the US do not have both a president and a congress on the same side, Congress will block every measure promoted by the president and vice versa.
    Next to that, I'm always interested in the idea of the Free World by some US citizens. It's true that the power of the US to act on the international scene remains IMHO unmatched, but US action abroad is no longer black & white. It was for WWII, wasn't for Vietnam, was in a way for Koweit (although do not tell me it was to free the people, other countries were invaded and people massacred without US interventions. Syria is just a painful example). Certainly not true for Irak (one of the biggest lies in recent history) etc.
    In Europe some people say the US political debate is held hostage by people with extremist views (powerful religious groups for example, or the NRA) which doesn't help the candidates to share some common views that could benefit the people, it lacks finesse (nuance). In a nutshell it's polarized with nothing in between.
    I still believe politics is an art where compromises must be made and where one must try to understand and agree on some points with the other side. It seems to me it's become impossible and that the most ugly tactics are used against each other, the kind that tarnish the image of politicians and keep bringing common people further away from the politicians.

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