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What makes a good online learning community?

What features would an online learning environment need to have to make it as effective as possible?
What learning communities, if any, have you been a part of that have helped your learning process? What was it that helped you learn in that environment?
It would be great to hear about the learning environment and community with respect to both technical and pedagogical operations.


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  • Sep 21 2012: Inspiring teachers
    Inspired students
    • Sep 26 2012: Hello Kevin,

      How much influence do you think an inspiring teacher can have in an online setting? Do you think it is as much as in a face-to-face scenario?
      • Sep 26 2012: Hi Amanda
        I guess it depends on the particular teacher and the particular student. One teacher may have more impact with face-to-face teaching, while one student may prefer learning online. And of course, the subject being taught and learned would also come into play.

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