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Are Feminists just pursuing their shadows? Or what they need is just new Light....

I have studied feminism and their actions and seen that they are only pursuing their own shadows. I found out that feminists don't fight for equal rights with men as they say, but they actually want to be "higher" than men. It is seen in their rebellious quest to retaliate and over-power men. I think what they need to understand is that "equality" does not exist! All that happens is that men and women are both given different roles to contribute to life...... The problem is WOMEN SEE THEIRS AS INFERIOR. All they need is a new light to see this. Or what do you think?


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  • Sep 23 2012: You might want to read a friends thoughts on Feminism "Who are we by Giovanna Olmos". This is my response to Robin
    Morgan’s “Radical Feminism” and
    the first chapter of Betty Friedan’s
    book “The Feminine Mystique”
    called the “The Problem That Has
    No Name”.
    I find that Robin Morgan believes in a
    divided world in which men are the
    oppressors and women are the
    oppressed. Feminism is not a question
    about rearranging the system in which
    we relate to one another but about
    fighting for changes in the way that
    men relate with women. While the first
    wave of feminism was largely about
    gaining the state’s support, the second
    wave of feminism, while redirecting the
    focus to interpersonal relationships,
    seems to be about gaining males’
    awareness of and attention to the need
    for gender equality. While she stresses
    that women’s engagement is essential,
    I find that the responsibility lies quite
    extensively in the hands of men. This is
    evidence for polar thinking. To Morgan
    there appears to be men’s issues and
    women’s issues. The adherence to a
    binary is evident in her reflections on
    the lack of solidarity amongst women.
    Her protest against “[a]ll that fantastic
    energy going to fight each other
    instead of our oppression!” clearly tells
    me that the advocacy for women’s
    rights is women’s advocacy.
    Furthermore it does not appear that
    the attainment of gender equality is
    something that is co-created as much
    as it is realized through women, the
    unequal or socially defined “Other”,
    earning men’s, the equal and “Self’s”,
    awareness and recognition of the (their,
    women’s) issue’s urgency.
    ..... follow this
    Link to continue reading: voicesinhaled.tumblr.com/post/32098586217/who-are-we

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