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Are Feminists just pursuing their shadows? Or what they need is just new Light....

I have studied feminism and their actions and seen that they are only pursuing their own shadows. I found out that feminists don't fight for equal rights with men as they say, but they actually want to be "higher" than men. It is seen in their rebellious quest to retaliate and over-power men. I think what they need to understand is that "equality" does not exist! All that happens is that men and women are both given different roles to contribute to life...... The problem is WOMEN SEE THEIRS AS INFERIOR. All they need is a new light to see this. Or what do you think?


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    Sep 21 2012: The whole subject is a specious meme.
    • Sep 21 2012: Yes Pat! Its all a specious meme. Life is also a specious meme.... Even the idea of rights or wrong is..... But there is always an adopted meme..... Your idea of the whole subject is well embraced.....
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        Sep 21 2012: I should clarify the whole subject with regard to the U.S. now.

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