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Are Feminists just pursuing their shadows? Or what they need is just new Light....

I have studied feminism and their actions and seen that they are only pursuing their own shadows. I found out that feminists don't fight for equal rights with men as they say, but they actually want to be "higher" than men. It is seen in their rebellious quest to retaliate and over-power men. I think what they need to understand is that "equality" does not exist! All that happens is that men and women are both given different roles to contribute to life...... The problem is WOMEN SEE THEIRS AS INFERIOR. All they need is a new light to see this. Or what do you think?


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  • Sep 21 2012: in my view the feminist movement got polarized too far, with the women who only wanted more respect in their homes being bad and the ones who wanted everything men had +1 more thing being good.

    This being said in Canada and the USA I honestly believe there is no need for feminism (as a social movement) anymore. In fact I hear about all these education grants and burseries being put in place in order to encourage women to do non traditional roles, or the worst I heard of was one that was for women who where going into the advancement of womankind, in my view this is deeply sexist and these types of deals need to be converted from sex-based to income-based (same with ones that rely on race).
    • Sep 21 2012: Yes Scott! It has become too polarised! And its becoming a sexist movement.... Their intentions are biased and wrong.... Feminist don't actually want equality... Cos it can never come in the context of their fight and comprehension, we need to redefine equality and may be remove the words "male and female" and maybe it wld solve d problem!

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