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Are Feminists just pursuing their shadows? Or what they need is just new Light....

I have studied feminism and their actions and seen that they are only pursuing their own shadows. I found out that feminists don't fight for equal rights with men as they say, but they actually want to be "higher" than men. It is seen in their rebellious quest to retaliate and over-power men. I think what they need to understand is that "equality" does not exist! All that happens is that men and women are both given different roles to contribute to life...... The problem is WOMEN SEE THEIRS AS INFERIOR. All they need is a new light to see this. Or what do you think?


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    A wal

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    Sep 20 2012: I think that it's utterly ludicrous and stupid to say that any group of people have a specific "role" assigned to them from birth, especially just because of their gender.
    • Sep 21 2012: Yes it is indeed!
    • Sep 21 2012: That's why equality would never exist because we are cannot be doing the same thing..... Equality/inequality is mans creation of his perception towards the fulfillment of desires. Its all self based..." Roles from birth" are creations of society norms and values/vices. So yes! But we just have to create equality as d embracing of each others self roles in life- which ever role they pick or seem to play. And nor neglecting anothers'!
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        A wal

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        Sep 21 2012: I may have took what you said out of context. If you're saying the roles that women have traditionally taken shouldn't be considered inferior then I agree. I also agree that a certain group of feminists are doing their cause no favours at all by looking down on women that do choose to take those roles and thinking that feminine behaviour is somehow a weakness. It's ironic that they call themselves feminists. They're masculinists!

        And reverse sexism is still sexism, same as reverse racism. I hate that companies are forced to employ a certain percentage of women and minorities, but racism and sexism do still exist so maybe it's necessary. It's still annoying though. Non-white women must have a really unfair advantage because they tick two boxes. It should be the best person for the job.
        • Sep 22 2012: I could read your expression when u said they are masculinists *smiles* . Yeah! U got my point! That's exactly it! Have you read this article from Anne MarieSlaughter "why women still can't have it all!" You would love it! It starts with this "It’s time to stop fooling ourselves,
          says a woman who left a position of
          power: the women who have
          managed to be both mothers and top
          professionals are superhuman, rich,
          or self-employed. If we truly believe in
          equal opportunity for all women,
          here’s what has to change.". Thanks again for your contribution!

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