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If the "Stop and Frisk" law in New York, was unfairly profiling white women, to get felt up on the street... It wouldn't be allowed to exist

Agree... or disagree.

For those unfamiliar. "Stop and Frisk", is the latest assault on the Bill of Rights. It allows police, to stop and frisk people on the street for any "articulable reason".

Less than 10% of the people searched are women... however, of the women searched, women were more likely to carry a concealed weapon, than men... Fascinating.

"In 2011, in New York City, 685,724 people were stopped, 84 percent of whom were Black and Latino". Less than one in ten people searched, possess anything illegal, despite "articulable reasons" for the search. In fact it has resulted in less than a 6% success rate.


I think if the people of New York State, had just had their tax dollars spent frisking 600,000 white women... With the same 6% finding rate. There would be 0% support for this law. The people of New York would be in violent revolt.

My suggestion. If you work for the NYPD, refuse to follow unconstitutional orders. Go on strike until the government repeals this incredibly racist and sexist policy. It is wrong to follow an uncostitutional order.

  • Sep 25 2012: This outrage has little to do with gender or color.

    The next person frisked should start a mass action law suit. Ask $5 in real damages and $1,000,000 in punitive damages for each person frisked. I am surprised that some lawyer has not already started this, for the fees and for the publicity.
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      Sep 26 2012: That's actually what I mean by it being an issue of gender and color. If 600,000 white women had this happen to them, 300,000 lawyers would be on the case. That's what's really disturbing, it's really more about manipulating poverty than anything else. 78% of the people searched are black and latino men living in New York City... A group traditionally far too disenfranchised, and poor to lawyer up, also with an inherent distrust that the system will defend them.

      It is about gender and race though. If it happened to women, in equal numbers, there would be a sexual component to this crime against humanity, and there would be much more outrage. If Wall Street guys were getting busted for coke, there would be far more money fighting this unjust law. The first step towards solving a problem is admitting you have one.

      100% agree with your solution though...
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    Sep 22 2012: Sometimes racism and sexism thrives because it does not affect the powerful and dominant section of the society.
    Hence a patriarchy might pretend as if there is no injustice until the rights of men are threatened; and minority groups can be subjected to discrimination while the society pretends that all is well.

    We should speak against injustice and discrimination in all its appearances. Because there is no real safety in a society that tolerates unjust laws.
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      Sep 23 2012: What's really bad, is I'm from New York... and I know most of the people don't think this is a good law... They just don't think about it. 60% of the population goes virtually unsearched, and they vote in the largest numbers. Also, after 9/11 they got very "law and order", hopefully this is just a temporary shame.

      It is interesting to note the sexual element of this though, because I think society, in general, feels much more offended by women being treated in this specific way... Even though it is just as embarrassing a violation for a man of integrity, who has done nothing wrong. I think people need to start imagining their daughters being treated this way, and suddenly this law won't seem appealing to anyone. Sad that having it happen to a minority population doesn't seem to be enough though. In the 90's New York never would have tolerated something like this.
  • Oct 20 2012: Sure it would.
    google "frisking kids in airports"

    Sure it's wrong to follow an Unconstitutional order. But who wants to really piss-off the big ape and get no help doing it?
  • Sep 25 2012: "Less than 10% of the people searched are women... however, of the women searched, women were more likely to carry a concealed weapon, than men... Fascinating."

    Fascinating? Why? IF I were a woman, I'd carry a gun. In fact, if I were say, the leader of North Korea, I'd carry a nuclear weapon just to feel a bit safer from the Fascist State of Amerika. There's other countries to list too.

    Makes perfect sense to me.

    Amerika is now a Fascist country. Imperialistic, a global predator and Christian.

    We shouldn't speak out against injustices such as these.
    We should act out upon them and get rid of them.

    Or else it just becomes what it has become. Another subject of conversation in which one person states that another violation of the Bill of Rights or other liberties has been badly wounded and is dying, and everyone walks around the body, in plain view.
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      Sep 26 2012: What's fascinating to me, is that the stereotypes are still so off base. I mean they're searching ten times as many men, to this day, even though during the first year, more women had guns, so their experiments aren't changing their behavior at all.

      America is not fascist, imperialistic, or a global predator... nor are we Christian. In fact that line shows you how far you've let them distort language. You let them change the meaning of words... How could a fascist global predator be a Christian.

      Psychopaths rule the world... They always have, in your country, mine, and every other. The evil rises to the top. Intelligent people have no interest in force, or coercion, or violence... So they don't get involved in government. American leadership, is full of evil, disturbing individuals, who will always want to oppress everyone they have the power to... Just like all other countries leadership. For all we talk about American greed... many countries in Europe, have far greater standards of living, and invent, and produce far less goods, their leaders manipulate the system even better than ours.

      I'm a fan of women learning self defense and carrying weapons, though I prefer stun guns for myself. I just am a bit surprised that it is already occuring naturally... good for them. I'm pro self defense.

      The difference, between this conversation, and others, is that in New York, at least half the people who read this will feel shame, and it's a state policy, they can fix. On top of that, there are police that are ashamed of this law, the difference between America, and many government officials here, work against corruption, from within. If police officers in New York city could be delivered this message, in mass from the people, they would strike, they would fight... or at least, i like to hope they would. I hoped they wouldn't follow Bush into his unconstitutional war of revenge though... so, yes, I'm a bit naive...
  • Sep 22 2012: "Agree... or disagree."

    Agree, baseless frisking should only be allowed at high risk events that people choose to go to, not on some random street corner.
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    Sep 21 2012: Btw, I know I'm really late on this one... but it's been stewing for awhile. I write these when they come to me... and I still think it is the most recent direct violation of the Bill of Rights... save voter ID.