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What motivates you?

Motivation takes the form of many things: quest for wealth, fame, etc. So my question to you is what is/are your personal motivator(s)?


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    Sep 20 2012: They have changed for me over time, and they will for everybody. When I was in my 20's, I was motivated by "money", in the sense that I needed it to provide for myself and family, so "working" was the motivator to achieve that. Now that I am fully retired and financially secure, I'm looking to enjoy the fruits of all that earlier motivation.

    I've come full circle. When I was a child, my motivation was to have fun. When I became an adult, my motivation was to "achieve" for my survival. Now I'm 58-years old, have achieved my survival goals, and I'm a big ol' child again looking to have fun.

    In fact...I think it's time to go for a motorcycle ride. Just for the fun of it. ;-)
    • Oct 18 2012: Rick I believe you are an amazing person!!!
      How on Earth you are so positive and always make good judgemet over questions in TED?
      Great job man!

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