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What motivates you?

Motivation takes the form of many things: quest for wealth, fame, etc. So my question to you is what is/are your personal motivator(s)?


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    Oct 13 2012: Oh my goodness there are so many things that motivates me! I have dreams, goals, desires, love ones and people and place to see. Books to read, trips to go on. A life to live! all of it motivates me to do what I do. I do think however the thing that makes me be so motivated is the positive spirit I have. I see every thing as a go. I am 55, divorced and my children are now grown. Some of the things I did not do because of them I can do now. I just joined a network- marketing company. why ? for money yes and no. if there was no money and I could explore the world, like I want to do and have time to play in my garden when and where I want. Read all the books, meet all the people, share thoughts and likes and wants. Help someone else see the possibilities in the world and in self. I still think I would be happier. It is a way of life that I seek. That at this point in time is my motivator. My day time job is boring restrictive, and time consuming. and it is just not the place I want to be at this point in my life. I am a creative person and that job just does not do it for me. but really it is my positive thoughts that motivate me. Smile.

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