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What motivates you?

Motivation takes the form of many things: quest for wealth, fame, etc. So my question to you is what is/are your personal motivator(s)?


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    Oct 5 2012: Overall, although it may seem to be an easy and simple question, the answer is rather intricate as it entails many nuances and it varies person to person. I was tempted to just say - the vision of success and the immediate satisfaction after completing our goal is the ultimate motivator. But, isn't it the curiosity and hunger for learning new things, competitivness, that serves as a much needed pre-requisite to keep us going?
    The goal itself doesn't motivate you in long-run. Aristotle claimed that every activity aims at some end, but only when you enjoy the activity itself will you find true happiness on your path to achieving your goal. I think that a lot of people get miserable aiming at something and not enjoying the path there - like doing something for the sake of the aim only. For example - choosing a career of a banker or lawyer just because they are said to be intelligent and well-paid while going through a lot of pain because you basically ignore the fact that you should be a TED translator, do fulfilling things that make sense to you and be happy instead :)
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      Oct 13 2012: I like what you said about the path. you learn so much on the path of doing something, and it can inspire you to make another goal to get to the end, but is there really an end. if your mind is set to seek and explore and the path is the path? your inter spirit I do think is what makes you do the things you set out to do. the desire to learn and to be more and to have more and to share that with others. in my life I have goals that I did not get to but I was never sad that I did not get to them I just made other goals for the path that I turned on to by the situations and the decisions of my life. but I had fun on that path most times. sure we all have the good times and the bad times, but it's the times that make it what it is.

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