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What motivates you?

Motivation takes the form of many things: quest for wealth, fame, etc. So my question to you is what is/are your personal motivator(s)?

  • Oct 2 2012: The smile on peoples faces.
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    Sep 28 2012: The fact I'm old and probably won't live more than 5 or 10 years motivates me to study things I haven't gotten around to.

    Time is a big motivator under certian circumstances.
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      Sep 29 2012: i am so hurt to hear that . and at your last years you can spend on ted .we are all grateful.and hope you have a better life and keep healthy
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    Sep 20 2012: I have an urgent commitment to service to others. I am always on the lookout for opportunities to do this.
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    Oct 13 2012: Oh my goodness there are so many things that motivates me! I have dreams, goals, desires, love ones and people and place to see. Books to read, trips to go on. A life to live! all of it motivates me to do what I do. I do think however the thing that makes me be so motivated is the positive spirit I have. I see every thing as a go. I am 55, divorced and my children are now grown. Some of the things I did not do because of them I can do now. I just joined a network- marketing company. why ? for money yes and no. if there was no money and I could explore the world, like I want to do and have time to play in my garden when and where I want. Read all the books, meet all the people, share thoughts and likes and wants. Help someone else see the possibilities in the world and in self. I still think I would be happier. It is a way of life that I seek. That at this point in time is my motivator. My day time job is boring restrictive, and time consuming. and it is just not the place I want to be at this point in my life. I am a creative person and that job just does not do it for me. but really it is my positive thoughts that motivate me. Smile.
  • Oct 6 2012: faith motivates me. Mine and others. I have a friend who is fighting cancer and her faith in God, her absolute conviction that whatever happens today is in God's hands give me so much courage. I look at single parents who are surviving wholly on faith that it will be okay. Maybe not today, but someday. When I see that kind of faith, courage, and strength, it strengthens me and motivates me to stretch my faith and believe for things that seem impossible.
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    Sep 20 2012: I'm motivated by love.
    Love for the arts; love for my career; love for nature and the environment; the love of(and for) lovers; love for life and living; and love the beautiful things of life.
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    Sep 20 2012: They have changed for me over time, and they will for everybody. When I was in my 20's, I was motivated by "money", in the sense that I needed it to provide for myself and family, so "working" was the motivator to achieve that. Now that I am fully retired and financially secure, I'm looking to enjoy the fruits of all that earlier motivation.

    I've come full circle. When I was a child, my motivation was to have fun. When I became an adult, my motivation was to "achieve" for my survival. Now I'm 58-years old, have achieved my survival goals, and I'm a big ol' child again looking to have fun.

    In fact...I think it's time to go for a motorcycle ride. Just for the fun of it. ;-)
    • Oct 18 2012: Rick I believe you are an amazing person!!!
      How on Earth you are so positive and always make good judgemet over questions in TED?
      Great job man!
  • Oct 11 2012: Death; I don't want to regret even before the moment I die.
    It's a great motivator, makes me live today like the last moment, the most special day, in my life.
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    Oct 5 2012: Overall, although it may seem to be an easy and simple question, the answer is rather intricate as it entails many nuances and it varies person to person. I was tempted to just say - the vision of success and the immediate satisfaction after completing our goal is the ultimate motivator. But, isn't it the curiosity and hunger for learning new things, competitivness, that serves as a much needed pre-requisite to keep us going?
    The goal itself doesn't motivate you in long-run. Aristotle claimed that every activity aims at some end, but only when you enjoy the activity itself will you find true happiness on your path to achieving your goal. I think that a lot of people get miserable aiming at something and not enjoying the path there - like doing something for the sake of the aim only. For example - choosing a career of a banker or lawyer just because they are said to be intelligent and well-paid while going through a lot of pain because you basically ignore the fact that you should be a TED translator, do fulfilling things that make sense to you and be happy instead :)
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      Oct 13 2012: I like what you said about the path. you learn so much on the path of doing something, and it can inspire you to make another goal to get to the end, but is there really an end. if your mind is set to seek and explore and the path is the path? your inter spirit I do think is what makes you do the things you set out to do. the desire to learn and to be more and to have more and to share that with others. in my life I have goals that I did not get to but I was never sad that I did not get to them I just made other goals for the path that I turned on to by the situations and the decisions of my life. but I had fun on that path most times. sure we all have the good times and the bad times, but it's the times that make it what it is.
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    Oct 2 2012: What motivates me most is stillness. The visual manifestation expressed in a clear pool just before a pebble drop. In my mind "nothing" is under-rated. The state of nothingness is the genesis of creation. The blank page, I guess. Once there, my motivation comes from a run in the woods, a rest on the hammock and books about how people's brains function. My 'go-to" book is "Maps of The Mind", by Charles Hampden Turner. A digest of 50 + different views of how our minds operate.
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      Oct 2 2012: sound like you are a strange person .but i like
  • Sep 29 2012: I have made a commitment to myself to "refuse to peak." This means that there is no mountain to summit or finish line to cross in the amazing journey of life and personal growth. Each day is a gift to be either harnessed or squandered, and I try to choose wisely. I've come to embrace the idea of living for the process, not for the destination. Because goals must be set, and achieving them will only result in a higher target if growth is to continue. So to link happiness with some destination is to punt fulfillment over the fence.

    So I try not to treat life as a game that needs to be won, but rather a dance to be perfected. And as I approach that upper asymptote, I find new depth and empty spaces that can be filled in by a new journey.

    And whats exciting is that on this journey my very definition of motivation will no doubt be strengthened!
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    Sep 28 2012: joy .. and my hope of bringing it to as many hearts as I can...
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    Sep 28 2012: the satisfying sense of work
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    Sep 27 2012: Motivation comes from the way we interact and feel everything around us. Motivation is natural and borned in any living creature that can feel the freedom around and this way want to improve. So motivation is related to freedom and needs but also to environment. Open minded people will be always motivated to make things better and better and improve so motivation is born inside us but we need to free it by opening ourself to everything around us and this way we are motivated to become also us better and better each day without losing our beliefs
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      Sep 27 2012: Yes. Open-mindedness is the trait I cherish the most within myself and others.
  • Sep 25 2012: Happiness. Of myself and others. My belief is if you make one person smile every day than you have had a good day :)
  • Sep 22 2012: I'm motivated when I feel I can accomplish something and get self satisfaction. This feeling of achievement is the one that makes me keep going on even in the hardest times.
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    Sep 22 2012: To become a better ME every day :)
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    Sep 21 2012: Since I am fortunate to have reached a mental state of financial security, which is essential having a good career and feeling no social pressure anymore to resort to normal high society indulgances (cars,, gadgets, exotic travel, expensive hobbies, wining, dining, conspicous consumption to please others, etc). Money doesn't motivates me anymore. I am motivated by search for true inner peace, strength and confidence. I am motivated to build friendship with truly genuine, open, caring and intelligent people. And above all I am motivated by being able to make a real difference beyond myself and my immediate family for the rest of my life.
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    Oct 20 2012: Love is what motivates me. I believe that underneath it all the world is good, and people are good. I'm just looking for someone to share my life with, but the world is a large and fascinating place and there are literally billions of people I haven't met and don't know. So just spreading my love and being a good person is what motivates me.
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    Oct 19 2012: My born mission to make our world a difference, towards a better one.
  • Oct 19 2012: Searching for happiness and making other people happy. An occasional good result in school and friends is always nice
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    Oct 11 2012: knowing that I have not fulfilled my potential...
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    Oct 10 2012: The avoidance of pain or the gain of pleasure :).
  • Oct 9 2012: Dreaming about achieving goal motivates me and drives me to actually work towards it.
  • Oct 6 2012: Thought of making People Happy. It brings lots of satisfaction to see the smile on someone's face and knowing that I am the reason behind that.
  • Oct 5 2012: Knowledge. Makes me want to continue learning. Makes me want to create. Makes me want to share things that I find.
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    Oct 5 2012: Uncertainty motivates me.

    Uncertainty of life. Not knowing when it might be your last day here.
    Uncertainty of science. There are so many unknowns that we have yet to explore.
    Uncertainty of relationships. When someone dear to you might leave you.

    All this uncertainty helps me appreciate the present and motivates me to make tomorrow the best I possibly can, for me, for my loved ones and for people around me.
  • Oct 4 2012: The idea of knowing we are insignificant in comparison to the universe. That said, the sky is not the limit.
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    Oct 3 2012: The future. Thats what motivates me!
  • Oct 2 2012: Knowing that people care.
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    Oct 2 2012: When something "breaks" I find something new or attempt to repair the "break" in my reality.

    The hope that things get better and the faith that the sun will rise tomorrow motivates me.
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    Oct 1 2012: When I am really down and need refreashed ... I go down to the mall and walk into a store and ask to speak to the manager ... he comes out .. a 20 year old ... with a nose ring that is infected ... piercings all over his body ... a plate in his ear ... and a spike hair-do that is green ... and he says how can I help you?

    I laugh my tail off .... am totally refreashed .... and motivated for a month.
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    Sep 29 2012: Isn't it amazing; digital reality can foster emotional context. This is proof that the internet is only a tool and it is the human that controls the tool.

    I've had a great life. I'm looking forward to discovering new planes of existence and having new adventurers. I don't believe it ends here.
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    Sep 28 2012: What motivates me is the deep dislike of wondering "What if?". Also, my daughter is my engine and since she's been born, I have put life into perspective and started living the journey that I always wanted to take.
  • Sep 28 2012: As for me, I often get motivation when i watch people who achieve their goal, and push themselves to the limit,
    I really like sports and when i'm tired or when i'm about to study my lesson in order to success exam, I often watch some video on youtube about great personnality on sports , and by watching the video, i tell my self that "everything is possible as long as i want it, and work for it.

    On the otherhand, i can also say that God motivates me
  • Sep 27 2012: To stand in awe of the world each and every day, to look through a lens of observation to appreciate, and a lens of participation to experience. The world we live in is riddled with problems, 'problems'; those conundrums we view as negative so as to dub them with a title of tiring connotation. I think though, if we stand back to observe participants, we get the opportunity to have a new and interesting perspective on their problems. Thus, when we come back to participate in our own, we are better equipped with the ability to see through the Human illusion of negativity. This concept motivates me to dig into the world, and understand some of the many illusions that plague us; through travel, eating, writing, praying, and most all the motivation to engage in every opportunity of conversation.
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      Sep 27 2012: I enjoyed your response. I relate to it. So, thank you. It is enlightening to observe and witness our own judgmental observations and realize the illusion of them.
  • Sep 26 2012: Children and our responsibility towards them
  • Sep 26 2012: Many things,
    I am motivated by my desire to create positive change.
    I am motivated by curiosity.
    I am motivated by a desire to explore the unknown.
  • Sep 26 2012: I belive that motivation works by this simple rule: the key is not to know the solution to your problem, but to search for it. In other words, in motivation is more important the drive to search what ever you need, than the reason for your need, because if you know the reason for your need, then you don't need to search, and then you do nothing. The key is in creating movement, doing, this is what creates change, and ultimately what matters, and not so much the origin of the need or the reason. I conclude that what is important is not what motivates you, what makes the difference is the search, the quest for solving your needs, this is the fundamental game changer. We all have needs, we all whant to be happy, the search for the solution to our problems is what will make an impact in our lives, the search IS the transformation agent of change in our lives, the search for answears to our needs.
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      Sep 26 2012: Wow, that's a brilliant way to look at it!
      • Sep 27 2012: Thank you Vanessa, your comment motivates me!!

        Begin it now:

        Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back, always ineffective, concerning all acts of initiative (and creation).

        There is one elementary truth, the ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans: that the moment one definitely commits oneself - then providence moves too.

        All sorts of things occur to help one that would never otherwise have occurred.

        A whole stream of events issues from the decision, raising in ones´favor all manner of unforeseen incidents and meetings and material assistance which no man could have dreamed would have come his way.

        Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it! Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.

        BEGIN IT NOW

  • Sep 25 2012: I feel happy if I learn something new, interesting.

    My happiness motivates me to learn.
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    Sep 25 2012: Struggle and detriment. Nothing motivates me more than being frustrated with my situation OR seeing somebody who is in a position that they shouldn't be.
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      Sep 25 2012: Agreed...frustration causes me to fix many of my problems quickly.
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    Sep 25 2012: " As for me, all I know is that I know nothing. " ~Socrates

    remembering that motivates me and moves me away from fear and judgment.
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      Sep 25 2012: fear and judgment is not a bad thing. But to fear for fear and to fear for judgment will not set one free and one can't pursue true knowledge without fear. A wise man knows one thing and that is he doesn't know everything.
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        Sep 26 2012: I agree about fear and judgment; they are not bad things, simply feelings that enable us to grow spiritually along this journey. In striving towards equanimity, Socrates' philosophical statement about how we cannot know anything in an absolute sense, well, this helps me along.

        I cannot relate to your statement about needing fear to pursue true knowledge. I don't know what 'true knowledge' means for you. For me, the foundation of knowing that I know nothing has helped me understand on a deeper level how all judgment is projection. This, in turn, has allowed me to judge myself and others much less. And this leads to a more peaceful state.
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          Sep 26 2012: trust/respect that one has the power to learn indefinitely.

          And yes, it is possible to have too much fear that one stopped acquiring new knowledge to avoid making mistakes and too little fear, hence lack of respect to nature and humanity.
          Being judged is not a bad thing as it allows one to continue pursue ones knowledge.

          One may not know everything or have learned everything, it is not respectful to say that one has acquired nothing in this universe. You certainly know something I don't and I am confident that I have certain skills that others wish to gain. Arguably, Einstein's relativity and quantum theories make no sense to me as an artist/teacher but do I respect it even though it gives me headache and appear to be no sense? do I fear it so I am careful when I present the same information to my pupils? SURE THING!!!

          One of the 2nd grader asked me today during our math center if I like Math?
          NO and YES, to be specific, I like addition in my bank account and doesn't like it in the stores or gas station but do I like doing Math like what you all are doing now, of course not. But it is useful in life when to comes to paying bills or building legos? Definately!
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        Sep 27 2012: "it is not respectful to say that one has acquired nothing in this universe"....the perspective I'm coming from is that of letting go of ego, letting go of judgments and thoughts that tell us we know what things are and what life 'should' or 'should not' be...certainly no disrespect intended. One of my aims is to be as open as possible, to be in wonderment at this mystery of life; not to say I know this now, or am successful in this way or that, and therefore am better than that person over there.

        "trust/respect that one has the power to learn indefinitely"...I agree, this life journey is full of learning opportunities every day. If I react emotionally to someone judging me harshly, or myself for that matter, I am able to learn from that experience and grow from it. Being judged or judging self or others are not bad things, just opportunities to grow from. yes, we can have fun learning things as we go, but on a deeper level it's nice to realize that it is all nothing, really...nothing that can be absolutely known, and thus the excitement of wonderment can arise. judgment loses its meaning with this realization.

        "do I fear it so I am careful when I present the same information to my pupils? SURE THING!!" If you are truly fearful in presenting information to your students than I suspect that is coming from a place of insecurity; insecure of feeling vulnerable or not good enough. An opportunity for insight, learning, and growth!!
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      Sep 25 2012: Socrates used this as the basis for his arguments.

      He always claimed he was not smart.

      Socratic argument:

      "I am great?"

      Why are you great?

      How long have you been great?

      Does everyone else think your great?

      Couldn't you be totally wrong?

      Why not?

      The attempt to identify flawed like magic.
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        Sep 26 2012: Sometimes I ask myself the same questions.....but I know I am great in the end....Sure I could be totally wrong, but does it matter?
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    Sep 24 2012: Simple question, and I thought it was rather shallow at first. The problem is that now I can't seem to develop a coherent answer.

    In the past, I would state and convince myself I was motivated by one thing, but my actions would indicate I was motivated by something else. I am a ball of inconsistency even in this simple area.

    As a result, today I would have to say I am motivated by the desire to be better today than the lazy and often selfish idiot I was yesterday. It's not much more complicated than that, it's day-to-day, and my success rate is spotty, but there you are.

    Great question!
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      Sep 25 2012: Yes.
      "... motivated to be better today than ... yesterday".
      That is, every motivation is to be a-step-better for keeping one's own DNA alive, though unconsciously.
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      Sep 25 2012: Well said
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    Sep 24 2012: some days i drag to wake up early....most days I feel awesome. i see the world I live in with a different view (maybe because of my half shot eyes...:)) and feel the peace and love. I was never so motivated until I found the purpose of life-it is not religion- just another way of being philosophical isn't it?), it's not a person-at some point we change or grow up, or money-although it might be because I don't have it or have the need to want to pursue it. :) it's not myself-i've got this one covered), It's what I do to make a difference in so many others' life. My contribution is small yet visible to myself. :) and this is what motivates me these days.
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      Sep 25 2012: Like a glass of mlik...

      Half shut..half open...maybe I have eyes that are waaaay to big...and yours are as nature intended.

      Great post Cherri!
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      Sep 27 2012: Nicely put! and your contribution is not small.
  • Sep 22 2012: For now,

    I'm serious.
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      Sep 22 2012: LOL, tell me about it ;)
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      Sep 25 2012: I would have to agree with this, or more appropriately I guess the speakers from TED. They have motivated me enough to have almost completed a Year of TED -
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    Sep 21 2012: Self-improvment for now...

    “As human beings, our greatness lies not so much in being able to remake the world - that is the myth of the atomic age - as in being able to remake ourselves.”
    ― Mahatma Gandhi
  • Sep 21 2012: Curiosity motivates much of what I do. Also the hope for a society that emanates compassion, justice, continual learning, and the breaking of cyclical corrosive behaviors. I guess I get up in the morning with the hope to bring a moment of insight to this bizarre existence, a moment which helps myself as well as others see themselves more clearly.
  • Sep 20 2012: with two words:

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    Oct 20 2012: Life is short. That motivates me. So many experiences to be had in such a short period of time. A definite motivator for me.
  • Oct 20 2012: The fear.When I was feel down and not confidence , I fear I will be defeated . Fear is not a good thing ,so I tell myself face it and solve it.Though fear is not a good thing , it still motivates me
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    Oct 19 2012: Dogs. They get up around 4:30 am- except during daylight savings time when they get up at 3:30 am. Oh yeah, and that pursuit of excellence conceptual banter sharing of ideas quest for beauty thing...
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    Oct 19 2012: How to motivate myself is to recognize my whole tasks.

    I am now in America. I just came here 2weeks ago.Before I came here, I was very motivated for this travel,but now, I feel I am stuck in a rut already.
    why? The most important thing is that I had a lot of tasks recently, especially around 2months before.
    I was excited to go to America and there were of course a lot of tasks I had, for instance buying some stuff for travel, contacting to workplace and apartment, writing some documents to get Visa. blah blah blah...
    After arrived at America, I had to meet my boss and prepare to start my program, and taking orientations and so on.
    It was very busy for me, but I was very excited, so I had high motivation then and I thought that if I finish whole daily tasks quickly, I can do my main work more easier than having a lot of tasks.

    But, truth be told, I am stuck in a rut nowadays, I've already finished a lot of small tasks, so now I just have to do my main work I really wanted in japan.

    I tried to find out why my motivation for that is decreased.

    then I figure out, solution is adding any tasks.
    so I add new purpose and tasks which I can achive but these are difficult.
    then my motivation came back to me.

    Now I was really motivated like a one who just starts new challenge.
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    Oct 19 2012: just want to share this with you guys,in my religion the ultimate purpose of life to become a leader on Earth and servant to God.When i feel down ill get closer to my Creator,remind myself of the main reason why im here in this religion is all about positive things,and i didnt found anything negative about it,to me,that is the real motivation because i can feel it in my heart,ive tried other forms of motivation,but i cant really feel,religion motivates me.... ^^
  • Oct 19 2012: Mind blowing exploratory adventure.
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    Oct 19 2012: Whatever gives me the rush of accomplishment and the feeling of showing how I got away of the "dark clouds" to those that pushed me down through the years!

    Well, basically what motivated Rocky in their movies ehehehe
  • Oct 17 2012: Rational thinking, motivates me along with, positive thinking, respectful people, peace and love.

    The breakthroughs in science and medicine such as the possibility that Aids can be cured with Ozone.

    Watch the video called Ozone In Politics.

    The fact is te Aids virus cannot live in a oxygen environment, so if you put the virus in contact with oxygen it dies.
  • Oct 16 2012: everyone has troubles regardless of you are ordinary or the past 5 years ,i learned that what matters most is you are enjoying every moment of your life which is filled with happiensss and misery,ups and downs.
    i do not envy or even jealousy the man who is rich or famous.of course if i get an opportunity to be one of them ,i would seize it for another different life style.
    nearly the end of life,everyone will be orindary and there is no exception.everyone is unique though tiny,however,sometimes you do not really know that you are changing the world in a special way.
  • Oct 12 2012: Answers is what motivates me. I have been asking questions since I was a child. Like why is the sky blue? Why is the grass green? I know now why and a lot more by simply asking questions and seeking answers. I question everything for I do not know it all, but I am open minded and willing to learn.
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    Oct 11 2012: A desire to see what I can do.

    I can't be perfect, no one can, so I'm left with the challenge to see how much of what I can accomplish in whatever time remains to me. It's not only about doing "good" whatever that is. I will do "bad" as well and enjoy doing some of it. It's more about seeing what I can create or destroy as opposed to simply existing.
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    Oct 11 2012: Sure death. The thought that I will surely die one day motivates me to do meaningful things while I'm still alive. Otherwise, I think I would procrastinate too much.
  • Oct 11 2012: Pretty girls
  • Oct 11 2012: The fear of looking back on my life and regretting
  • Oct 11 2012: myself. past accomplishments. my Will Power. sometimes i take things as challenges not obstacles. and lastly the life i'm currently living, motivates me. actual dreams and motives.
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    Oct 10 2012: Primarily breakfast, eleven's, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner, supper, then I fit in what I can in between these fundamental motivators.
  • Oct 10 2012: What good is a life that leaves nothing behind?

    Not a thought or a dream to pass on to our children and our children's children?

    We live in a world that is still engulfed in war, starvation, poverty and hate.

    Is that really what you want to pass on to the children of the future?
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    Oct 10 2012: the idea of being reckoned and praised for work motivates me,and to go beyond my standards.
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    Oct 10 2012: what motivate me is my goal to have a much better life .
    and have a happy family and what motives me is my thought to do what i can to achive something
    and the heart to have more kindness and have a pleasure of finding something .what motives me is freedom to see more and more people can have a good life .that is my motivition,
    • Oct 10 2012: That's the very first thing on my list-to-do-before-I-die!
      I'd love to learn how to live and that urge always motivates me actually work towards it :)
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        Oct 11 2012: i am sorry to have deleted it .because i think there is a comfortless word .death . you know we chinese dont know talk about death much .i am sorry again .
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          Oct 13 2012: hum I don't think on death as well, it is an unknown factor. and I don't think about it til it is here. so for right now I think of all the living to do, I don't want to say that I never tried to do something. there are just too many things to do. and I don't want to sit on the couch and watch tv all day! I want to taste it feel it and share the greatness of what can be. life is not over til it is over. and if we have thought at that time, I think I will have wonderful thoughts of the life I had.
  • Oct 10 2012: my internal fuel is God, my external one is Strive for significance. The latter is the effect of the first fuel.
  • Oct 5 2012: Ideas! Uncertainty! Risk!
  • Oct 5 2012: For today,
    Gangnam style.... ; )
  • Oct 5 2012: I like it
  • Oct 4 2012: the opportunity to create whatever i want in my future
  • Oct 3 2012: TOMORROW motivates me
    i know i can do better, to make a difference.... tomorrow is a result of what we do today, i am doing my part, and working to do more
    not fame, fortune, status, power, position.....
    just because i know i can do better, and its better to make a friend than an enemy
    i am a gurrilla gardener :) (food, chemical free)
    winter gettin closer in canada, cant do much longer
    • Oct 4 2012: Yes .... and knowing that there may be no tomorrow ... so TODAY is most motivating!

      Enjoy your gardening ... I love to garden as well! Go Organic!
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    Oct 3 2012: Passion. You need to do what you love and that gives you all the motivation you need.
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    Oct 3 2012: Dopamine :)
  • Oct 3 2012: I haven't read all of the responses but I'm surprised I haven't read "success." Succeeding is a huge motivator for me. I'm in manufacturing and for me, success is easily seen when things run smoothly. It seems especially sweet when that success happens as I envisioned it would. Makes me feel like I may actually know what I'm doing sometimes.
    • Oct 4 2012: Good point, Ken.

      Maybe this is because success is often fleeting, in various gradations and hard to quantify .... hmmm ... success for me, is part of the process but not really the destination. I suppose, that I need to learn to savor my experiences of success a bit more. After achieving a goal, I tend to set the bar higher and rarely take a moment to step back and say to myself " Wow .. good job!" I guess, it is good to celebrate our success .. to let ourselves feel that feeling of satisfaction that can accompany accomplishment.
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    Oct 3 2012: Looking forward to things motivates me. Knowing that fun things happen to people that do things helps me stay motivated. I am a student and have been one for most of my memory. Right now in college I have made this rule for myself; I can't go to frisbee practice, botany club, etc. until and unless my to do checklist for the day is completed. Thinking forward to what will be can only be possible if I do well in school. I'm always striving to do better so that I can have better when I'm older. By better i don't mean more money but I mean happier than I would have been otherwise.
  • Oct 2 2012: I am motivated by an innate need to help others. I am most joyful when I am reaching out to support others. In doing this, even in the smallest things and in the most humble of ways, I remember that we are interconnected and I am happy in the deepest sense. It is beautiful also, when the kindness is returned as it so often is ...( tenfold. )
  • Sep 29 2012: Competition. Whenever I accomplish anything notable, it's usually a drive to do it better than someone.
  • Sep 28 2012: so i can't say i wish i did every time i stop studying and start to do random unnecessary staff i remember these words so i study well
  • Sep 28 2012: Guilt?
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    Sep 27 2012: Thank you lulian, I think you're right. I will try to put your advice into practice. Have you had to deal with a similar sort of thing?
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      Sep 28 2012: No need to thank me. Yes I am also introvert (or I was) and i was a lab teacher in university and working a lot there and I think also spent a lot of my years there doing small things that were not saw by the others. But ihad satisfaction when students got good marks and received certifications also becouse I contributed in some way and this was enough for me to be motivated to continue. After i get married and the needs growed and changed career, I lost everything almost but I didn't give up. Is called mental depresion and can not be solved with vitamins or pills you have to talk also about and open yourself to the others and family and get some fruits like nuts or vitamin B complex to give you strenght to go on. This problem appear also to middle age women and can be solved also.
      • thumb
        Sep 28 2012: In Breaking bad (TV), the teacher solved his depression by cooking methamphetamines, you can always try his way ))
        • Oct 4 2012: Oh .. I have always been a terrible cook .. but thanks for the suggestion. LOL.

          I will try a bike ride instead. :O)
  • Sep 27 2012: My motivation is to satisfy myself and my god :)
  • Sep 27 2012: I think motivation is the same as our seek for meaning. So what is my meaning? Well, it's to smile, to feel good about myself and the choices I choose everyday. I consider my choices, the pro's and con's and then never regret the one I choose.

    The only thing that makes me not smiling, is whenever I cannot manage to smile.
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    Sep 27 2012: Hi Chen, I feel the same way lacking motivation, feeling like I have no good reason to put my efforts into anything. Is that what you mean?
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      Sep 27 2012: Something like this happen when your effort is not apreciated in a manner you like so you do not feel the joy of beeing useful to the others or you feel you doing something wrong but you do not know why and something interiour tells you that you will not have later personal satisfactions but you continue to do your best to achive the goals you proposed. Will help you asking the others if they like what you do and if not to change something in the way you present your work so they understand the esence of your work but see it with their eyes (ways) so you will be satisfied about your work and they will apreciate the change and understand your work better. and you will be motivated for later work. Try first to make a small change to you and then expect a change from the others that use your work and after see the reactions.
  • thumb
    Sep 27 2012: my family . my friends ..and my desire to explore the world
  • Sep 27 2012: We all have a quest, in some cases people go for wealth, others fame, etc.. My pesonal motivation is curiosity. I live close to the rainforest, and i see it from the distance and i want to know what is it to be "in there". Curiosity has taken me to places not many human eyes have ever seen. Its not a matter of physical strenght, the force comes from inside, from the desire to know what is behind the horizon.
  • Sep 26 2012: The days that I feel wonderful physically, spiritually and mentally are days that I am naturally motivated! When the day is off and not so balanced I strive to understand what I can do, as my part ,to experience that inner peace. It is my aim to grow physically, spiritually and mentally for the rest of my life.
  • Sep 26 2012: To grow, change, and experience the world around me.
    To honor those that have put their hope in me.
    To change the world for the better, to do something more than complain.
    To help others at micro and macro levels, in a strangely twisted form of altruism.
    To find new motivations, and analyze why.
  • Sep 26 2012: I really don't what motivate me recently. I can not concentrate on my work and study. I don't know where I belong. I'm confused.
    • thumb
      Sep 26 2012: I know how you feel. Keep your head up though! something will come along soon :)
      • thumb
        Sep 27 2012: you say how you feel .did you have the same feeling with her ?how yo know that
        • thumb
          Sep 27 2012: I suppose you found V's effort to empathize and encourage shallow and lacking in substance? You are challenging her for issuing what appears to you to be a platitude?

          Does that offend or annoy you?
  • Sep 25 2012: Success!
  • thumb
    Sep 25 2012: Simple!

    All motivations of humankind, in the end, are to keep their DNA alive.
    Otherwise,there is no humankind in the world.
    • thumb
      Sep 25 2012: what he means is that your goal or your family or something ..what you said is far away from his meaning .you should say something konw we can not live ideally
  • Sep 24 2012: To hear my children laugh and when they express, in their own words, how they grasp a situation. My family's happiness, love and my frinds' support also motivates me to be a better person.
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    Sep 24 2012: A fear. I am motivated by my fear. A fear, when used as an powerful engine can drive me to achieve my goals. Days, months, years are passing by and a fear about loosing my chance to live a life I desire to - it motivates me the best. And other people efforts which have been done to make them do suprisngly beautiful things, Yes, it all motivates me the best.
  • Sep 24 2012: I always get highly motivated from people who would persuade me to get motivated.I like persons with sensational speaking capabilities.They are the one's.
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    Sep 24 2012: The quest to achieve an understanding of all that is.
  • Sep 24 2012: Japanese people have "tsuyoku naritai" which translates "(I) want (to be) stronger". This is the force that drives many of their comic-book characters to overcome more and more difficulties. Not for competition, rivalry or any high purpose, just from the pure will of power for the sake of power alone, where becoming ever stronger is a goal in itself. It is not a goal to be achieved and to be done with. The goal is to always be moving forward, to grow stronger even when theres no one and nothing to compare to. Even when we already surpassed everyone else. This is in my view the ultimate motivation, that once mastered is an unvincible force to push you to accomplish everything you might possibly ever achieve.
    • thumb
      Sep 24 2012: as we all know japanese create a tale after the world war 2 .they develope very fast .ecomomics be the second largest before china go over .so why? there must be something we shoud learn and summairze and draw .can you say some about it ?
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    Sep 23 2012: People's ideas and perceptions motivate me. People doing things that push the limits. I can learn from them and love to do so. I can save myself so much energy by learning from others. I can mirror their actions and become whoever I want. Despite conflict and a barrage of obstacles many of us flourish. I extend a hand to all people that thrive through turmoil and conflict. I hope we can all come to understand the true nature of cooperation and communication.

    However, in the meantime we are stuck dealing with social issues that extend far beyond acceptable limits. I think many of us are tired. I feel tired. However, as countless men and women have died in the name of social progression....through slavery, death, and oppression....we still hold to a certain value or ideal....that cooperation is key.

    That's what motivates me.
  • Sep 23 2012: One word : Curiosity = this is the one factor that keeps me motivated...
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    Sep 23 2012: God motivates me.
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    Sep 23 2012: Improving motivates me, if I feel as if I'm getting somewhere I tend to double time and work harder. If I don't, I try my best not to quit but it's still difficult. In a more general sense, suffering, and the opposite, also motivates me.. I'm not yet through with college, but knowing that I might be able to help more later gets me going.
  • Sep 23 2012: Meditation. At the end of my day when I have accomplished everything in my allotted waking time that I have meditated on at sun rise, I can put my body to rest easy and let my mind wander and play freely without the burden of obligation. This peaceful cycle motivates me to rise every morning and grind through the day.
  • Sep 22 2012: Sensuality in all of its forms including mental sensuality.
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    Sep 22 2012: A passion for humanity, from self through society to eternity and beyond.
  • Sep 22 2012: Believe in Real self keeps me motivating.
  • Sep 22 2012: What motivates me is the human race, which also depresses me sometimes too.
  • Sep 22 2012: The need to eat and breathe.
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      Oct 13 2012: @Wakter
      To eat and breathe is eventually for keeping one's DNA alive, though unconsciously.
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    Sep 22 2012: My happiness :)

    or at least that's the motivation I try to follow!
  • Sep 21 2012: Knowing that doing what i have to do now will allow me to do what i want to do later.
    Motivation, to me, has to be manipulated by ones self. It is what it is.
  • Sep 21 2012: the future of humanity
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    Sep 21 2012: I think a combination of things motivate me, but I'm gonna be 60% leaning towards emotion/passion.
  • Sep 21 2012: on the risk of sounding archaic, I am going to say honour.
    I use it to determine what I can do, must do, and will do.
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    Sep 21 2012: Personal Choice and the will to act
  • Sep 21 2012: Discovery, design, invention, peer recognition, family pride, child development, design engineer training, challenging problems, golf, finding and sharing happiness with my friends and family, a peaceful life, inspiring others.
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    Sep 21 2012: absence of boredom

    if something bores me, i find it difficult to be motivated by it.

    if it stimulates, then usually i will be motivated to do the thing