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What motivates you?

Motivation takes the form of many things: quest for wealth, fame, etc. So my question to you is what is/are your personal motivator(s)?


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  • Sep 27 2012: To stand in awe of the world each and every day, to look through a lens of observation to appreciate, and a lens of participation to experience. The world we live in is riddled with problems, 'problems'; those conundrums we view as negative so as to dub them with a title of tiring connotation. I think though, if we stand back to observe participants, we get the opportunity to have a new and interesting perspective on their problems. Thus, when we come back to participate in our own, we are better equipped with the ability to see through the Human illusion of negativity. This concept motivates me to dig into the world, and understand some of the many illusions that plague us; through travel, eating, writing, praying, and most all the motivation to engage in every opportunity of conversation.
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      Sep 27 2012: I enjoyed your response. I relate to it. So, thank you. It is enlightening to observe and witness our own judgmental observations and realize the illusion of them.

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