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"Why I'm ok with the coming health care tax penalty"

Being an Asian immigrant gives me a little different perspective on how much tax I'm happy to pay as one of my obligations for being a member of this privileged society called America. My family has prospered here, enjoying it's bounty and contributing to its well being. But the main reason of my agreement to this tax is history. Less than a hundred years ago, most immigrant populations were almost always paid much less than the worth of the work they've provided. I don't know the numbers, but I'm almost sure that they were on the low end. This doesn't mean that I'm for high taxes or for unfair wages. All I'm saying is that for the most part, in our present society, I get a fair share of what my work is worth plus I get to enjoy living in the most free and the most promising country in the planet. An extra 2% tax on me to help support an idea that may work is fine by me.

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    Sep 22 2012: Thank you for expressing your appreciation for America and congratulations on reaping the rewards of diligent individual effort in a free economy. The immediate issue is about movement toward Socialism. The USA has always stressed personal freedom where each citizen has a responsibility to make their own way. Obamacare is a radical departure from the principles upon which our nation became great. Conservative Americans see government as a necessary burden which must be be kept under control. Liberals see government as the answer to all problems, and view growth in government power as a good thing. America will become Socialist if the Liberal Democrats have their way. If you like what America is you must oppose efforts to make it into something far different.
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      Sep 23 2012: Liberals see government as the answer to all problems... lol. That just makes me laugh. Liberals don't mind government getting into the health insurance industry, because the hypocratic oath all puts us on the same hospital system anyway, and health insurance is a snake oil product. There is no protection against a sudden burst in costs.

      Personally, I would probably prefer we gave up on the concept of insurance all together as such... but people have been paying into the system for so long, that's a much more difficult sell. I wanted a private not for profit single payer system... which offered mediocre care. Or medicare for all, again with low quality care... but, it's not because I'm against private business, or think government is good at anything... It's because medicare has a lower administrative cost than any insurance company, and I want insurance profits out, doctor, hospital, and nurse pay up, while improving care for people already getting free treatment at the emergency room...

      I'm just saying, it's a much more complex issue than you make it out to be... and since we're already not paying enough for medicare, but people about to retire paid into it for 30 years, so we're not getting rid of it. Medicare for all would be a convenient way to bilk my generation out of the money you need to cover the medicare gap anyway... Just a thought. The mandate and tax would not have been a bad idea if there was a non profit single payer system with worse coverage than any private insurer.
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    Sep 20 2012: I understand where you are coming from... and, if we had gotten a public option... I would agree.

    Since we did not... This tax is designed to force every human being to give their money to a private insurance company, thus increasing health insurance profits, rather than hospital, doctor, nurse, and patient care/pay.