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Is our math wrong? Is it our assumption of zero, or absolute nothingness?

There are know phenomena out there such as the gamma ray burst that total destroys(use loosely your ego wants to argue this syntax error not the mind) our current math and physics(e=mc2). But instead of saying well maybe we got a key part of our math wrong we make it so the phenomena matches our math. This is my personal take on what I think might be wrong. I think it has to do with our assumption of zero. Seeing how you can never have absolute nothingness as a base or starting point. Conceptually the idea of zero is great. I want an apple. But i am in a complete void of apples. I don't have a single one. Not even applesauce! I have ZERO apples. But I do not need to know that you have zero apples to know when you have 1 apple. On the other had I do need to know that you have 1 apple to understand that now you have 2 apple. I could be wrong. It just something that bothers me.

Also I am not a math person it has always been something I struggled with in school those pesky numbers. However in College I excelled at Logic, but that has been some time ago.

I am not say this is the answer I just say that I think there is something fundamentally wrong with our math


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  • Oct 2 2012: I would like to point out that the record for driving on the wrong side of an english highway is 30 miles. Th women who set this record told the cops that punctured her tires that she had just assumed that all the hundreds of cars coming at her were driving on the wrong side of the road, and that she alone, was correct.
    Casey, you are arguing against a system that has been developed over thousands of years by millions of people who have have spent billions of hours developing it, and you are assuming that you alone are correct.
    You are also reverting back to a way of thinking that became antiquated 2000 years ago.
    If you would like to utilize a personal math system where neither negative numbers nor zero exist, i would actually be very impressed. Especially if you had your numeric 1 as equal to a water atom. Just kidding :) i know water isnt an atom. Anyways, i recommend removing this feed. If you dont though, best of luck!
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        Oct 2 2012: Good day Mark,

        And Thank you, you are correct on all those points. Out side of the 1 all numbers are an invention once again just trying to figure out this crazy world we live in. But yes even the concept of 1 had to be imaged or provoked some how.
        • Oct 8 2012: Hahahaha, I really, liked how you counted from 2 to 0. Made me laugh. Sorry I accused you of thinking you're right alone. Fortunately for you though, according to Mark Meijer, you definitely will not be alone in being incorrect :)
          Lastly, inventions tend to be pretty useful. Even if a chair never attains perfect "Chairness" it does a lot to support the weight of you and all your beautiful human ideas. Which actually weigh something..... What a crazy thought!
          Does Chairness weigh something though?
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        Oct 8 2012: Hello David,

        There is only weight do to gravity.... not because of the chairs, chairness. And for a thought, we have no clue why we have gravity or really anything about it? Or would you like to explain gravity? If you take a chair into outer space where did its weight go? poof gone

        Maybe you should study up on some of the perspective you have to make sure they actually fit in the world you call reality. Before you start pointing fingers, otherwise man up and prove me wrong. I just did with your chairness argument.


        also you are making an ad hominem argument.
      • Oct 9 2012: Hi Casey,
        Sorry if i got a little bit abstract. Let me clarify what i was talking bout :)
        When i was talking about the weight of an idea, i was actually talking about the weight of the actual thought in your brain. Which, since an idea exists somewhere within the synapses of your brain either as electric impulses or neural transmitters, it actually has weight, as long as you are on earth. Chairness however is a perfect idea, which goes beyond the limitations of the physical into the metaphysical. I brought that into the conversation because it is a popular rhetorical device used by philosophers in explaining the metaphysical. I brought metaphysics into the conversation because i thought it was appropriate considering the vast amounts of logic, and the limiTED amounts of math that ive seen on this feed. Metaphysics also plays a part of our understanding of concepts that are the opposite of concrete; for example zero, infinite, and chairness, which are (with the exception of chairness) the main topics of this discussion.
        Lastly, the weight of a chair in space becomes its potential energy.
        Double lastly, 0, mathematics chairs and languages are all inventions that are useful. What i was getting at is, sure we dont have the "perfect" language to describe EVERYTHING, and we dont have the perfect math to describe everything, but attempting to attain either of those is as futile as attempting to create perfect chairness. A chair has enough chairness to fulfill all the requirements of a chair, just as math and language fulfill all the requirements of math and language. 0 is just a necessary part of that invention to help us understand the world we call reality.
        (3/2)(double lastly), Im sorry i attacked you directly with my ad hominem argument. It is frustrating reading some of the things on this feed, primarily because i dont understand a lot of them. I did not mean to sound disdainful when i said "beautiful human ideas" they are sincerely both, same as mine and everyones

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