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Is our math wrong? Is it our assumption of zero, or absolute nothingness?

There are know phenomena out there such as the gamma ray burst that total destroys(use loosely your ego wants to argue this syntax error not the mind) our current math and physics(e=mc2). But instead of saying well maybe we got a key part of our math wrong we make it so the phenomena matches our math. This is my personal take on what I think might be wrong. I think it has to do with our assumption of zero. Seeing how you can never have absolute nothingness as a base or starting point. Conceptually the idea of zero is great. I want an apple. But i am in a complete void of apples. I don't have a single one. Not even applesauce! I have ZERO apples. But I do not need to know that you have zero apples to know when you have 1 apple. On the other had I do need to know that you have 1 apple to understand that now you have 2 apple. I could be wrong. It just something that bothers me.

Also I am not a math person it has always been something I struggled with in school those pesky numbers. However in College I excelled at Logic, but that has been some time ago.

I am not say this is the answer I just say that I think there is something fundamentally wrong with our math


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    Sep 23 2012: Did everybody check the wiki for zero? It contains a lot of useful information.
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      Sep 23 2012: Good day Jimmy,

      I actually have not done much research on the history of zero, this was very interesting. And it good to see philosophers struggling with the idea why back then. If it is still coming up today maybe we should look into this more. For me this was innate problem I saw in math. You cant point to nothing, because just by doing so you make it something.
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        Sep 24 2012: when you want to see how the world operate .i think it is a zero .also it is a cycle . you know we can not create some energy .we can also not reduce some .onil can we transfer it in this form to that !that is my idear .
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        Sep 24 2012: Glad you liked it, as you can see there are and aren't problems with zero depending on what viewpoint you choose to look at it through.
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          Sep 24 2012: Perceptive is the only truth. There are and are not problems with everything.

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