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The environment shaping human behavior

It seems to me, that the debate over Nature vs Nurture is becoming increasingly superfluous to our understanding about human behavior - individually and collectively, thus society-, because of the advancements in grasping the idea, that environment shapes human behavior.

The increasing studies in human behavior are gaining momentum in the advancement of its understanding, stating that despite having a propensity, for perhaps violence, it is the environment that is the trigger for the person we will grow up to be (no 'good' and 'bad' people). The implications of this understanding, would perhaps entice us to look deeper into the social paradigm to have a broader view over the values we pick up from the surrounding variables.

What are your takes on this issue? What shapes human behavior in your opinion? Looking forward to hearing some in-depth arguments on the subject.

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    Sep 20 2012: Agreed, environment has huge impacts to the person and his/her behavior and mindset.

    The environment, one's own subjections, and one's behaviors constantly change each other simultaneously.
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    Sep 20 2012: The physical environment may not have as much impact as the socio-cultural environment.
    We are influenced by our family, school, neighbourhood,friends, media and culture.
    There are certain traits that are inherited from our parents; and our worldview is shaped by our national and local culture.
    Even though an individual would see himself or herself as a citizen of the world, of a nation-state, of a region/province, and the local community; it is usually the local community that has the most impact during the formative years.

    Human behaviour is shaped by a combination of factors. In the end, each individual has a choice; but choices would still be guided by the experiences and knowledge of such individual.
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    Oct 20 2012: Yes.
    It is the major factor.
    Or, no survival.