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if you could cut a period of your memory .which year do you like to cut and why.and what happpened that year .

you know.liferoad is not always smooth.many unexpected things may make us hurt ,or it may change what we are now .what is your thing. would you like to share?

  • Sep 21 2012: I actually dont have to cut out much I have the worst memory of exact things that happened somewhere and who it was I was with etc etc. And even then I wont remember the event unless someone else brought it up. Its understandable to me as the expierences I'm talking about were'nt necessarily bad or good. But to say the least trying at times. But anyways who ever said life was easy right, And I can honestly say in my adult life I choose what I want to remember and what I dont want to remember...Thats what I would like to believe anyway. So I'm good with all that ,But not to change the subject or anything,But I would love to remember the first eight years of my life. I have maybe 2 vague memories of my life as a child and thats it. I look for all articles I can on Childhood Memories forgotten for whatever reason. And what I find are articles saying Repressed Childhood Memories are due to a traumatic event, Ok, I can relate to that. But the event in those articles are always about a child being molested or sexualy abused. Thats seems to be the only reason professionals think adults can't remember their childhood. Thats not my situation. My traumatic event was abandonement. What ive been told is my father left my mom with four little girls one day and never came back. I was 2 almost 3 at the time and I remember nothing about him. My mom said i was the only one who would be upset if my dad did'nt show up to visit. Before he left for good apparently. I was told I would hide in the bathroom and cry for a long time. My 3 sisters are just fine by the way. Their married to good men and have a good life. As for me, Still single, Relationships are abusive and unhealthy in all ways. Drugs were always involved my whole life. If I find a good man, I ruin things as soon as they get good. and after that I leave n don't go back. Even tho I want to stay. I think I need 2 remember my childhood maybe?
    • Sep 21 2012: i to dont have much memory of my childhood, i remember getting my bike , and wen i use to stay in the snowbank instead of walking all the way to school and the Principe would have to come find me lol. but i was listed as AD/HD and given Ritalin and Valium an upper and a downer at the same time. so i kent spel as i dont have memory of the 3rd grade to the 6th grade. but the thing is the past is the past you cant change it what happened happened ( LOST TV show quote ) but you can change the future. life is what you make of it at the point you realize you are the one in control of your ship. people pick there spiritual Deity to be the compass and set ship rules / guidelines, but you cant say ok rule #1 no rough seas... not going to happen buddy! the excitement of the voyage is the unknown. Schrödinger's cat theory. or to quote Bilbo " life is a strange thing you never know where it might lead you wen you just place one foot in front of the other. "
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        Sep 22 2012: what you said is all right.learn from the past.and look forword to a bright future.right!?!
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    Sep 20 2012: Well, no matter how negative a memory is, that memory is a part of who you are and it shapes your identity, and no one should be ashamed of their identity to want to get rid of a part of their memory.

    And I say that pretty loosely knowing fully well how controversial that statement can get.
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      Sep 20 2012: helllo again James
      glad to see you .maybe you are right .we should learn from the past..then we can do better in the future!
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        Sep 20 2012: Indeed, memories also make great stories, and people love to hear stories. A memory is also like acknowledgement or proof that one has existed, and to forget is equivalent to denying that existence.
  • Sep 20 2012: i would cut nothing. the events that happen to us is how we learn to remove our hardship would make us not as knowledgeable in that regard. in a perfect world we would all be self serving self absorbed introverts that could care less of the hardships of others. through pain we gain understanding and compassion.
  • Oct 3 2012: but it not always good to blank out traumatic situations though.
  • Oct 3 2012: i would cut out my elementary years becuase they were traumatic. i think a lot of people would want to cut out traumatic years of there life.
  • Sep 23 2012: Everything that is happened in our lives has its meaning. Life is a big school, we need to learn from what is happened in it day by day. Also we need to learn the art of letting go and then continue our journey.
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      Sep 24 2012: i totally agree with you . everything has its meaning
      we should learn from the past and do for a bright ruture
  • Sep 23 2012: in theory sure
  • Sep 23 2012: i will never cut my memory .Sometime,bad memory also was an necessary experience
  • Sep 21 2012: there is a movie / book you should check out called " the end of America " by Naomi Wolf in it she talks about 10 steps to closing an open government. these steps were used in Germany in the 1930's, all 10 steps are in use in America today. and how they were able to get away with it is everyone forgot the past about how the Nazi's rose to power.
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      Sep 22 2012: it is a pity that i can not check out this website!
      • Sep 23 2012: google " the end of america "
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          Sep 24 2012: thank you very much for your reply
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    Sep 21 2012: Every choice I made was a personal choice so had good out comes other not so much. The difference is learning to understand those choices and realizing they happen for a reason. And growing from them.
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      Sep 21 2012: maybe you are right!i will try
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        Sep 21 2012: the only thing that you have in life is personal choice, and you should never let anyone take that away from you, unless you give it to them willing. However some times people do take your choices away from you unwilling. Just remember that they made a choice as well and your choices are no less important then theirs, unless it causes harm to others or yourself. Just be yourself and remember to enjoy life however you seem fit. Life is a game of balance embrace it
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    Sep 20 2012: I dont want to cut any of the unhappy experiences of the past from my memory.
    As a creative every experience is enriching; there is no perfect life here on earth; there is no permanently rosy life; so every experience helps me in understanding my humanity.

    As a storyteller(actor and writer) I know that honesty is that one vital link to the audience.
  • Sep 20 2012: as soon as we forget the pass they will use it against us.
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      Sep 21 2012: Whos they
      • Sep 21 2012: they, them , big brother, the powers that be, those that would benefit from out loss, who would you think THEY would be. who would have the power to undermine the people and pull a fast one on them dazzling them with fiance words and phrases.
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          Sep 21 2012: That's not already happening .... pigs in suites I would say, but thats why one day I hope for better powers that be. The ones that remember "with great power comes great responsibly"(sadly said no one in the new spiderman movie). And that they are a servant of the people not the other way around.
  • Sep 20 2012: Between 1996 and 1998

    During that time I was in Army against my free will and there I got sick and ended up in many hospitals. I spent 8 months in horizontal position - in the end I was resigned for nothing.

    Thankful I am, because I was out and they taught me things: such as how to be selfish, and use guns, I would never use in real live. what's the point when it is pointless to learn such things?

    this reminded me Stalone's great words: "I want the country loves his solders as much as his solders love their country"

    and maybe it was the best thing could happen to me. who knows?!