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A lot of people put Extraterrestrial life into the same catagory as Big Foot or Loch ness Monster...As in Shii that doesn't exist.

Theres billions of Galaxies...Billions of stars in each Galaxy including our own... and its believed that for every star theres atleast 1 planet(usually more), which means that theres hundreds of billions of planets in our Milky Way Galaxy alone. Even if the chance for a planet to contain intellegent life is 1 in 1,000,000, that leaves us with hundreds of thousands of planets. With all this being said... WHY DO PEOPLE NOT THINK ALIENS EXIST? -_-


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    Sep 20 2012: I think most people believe that alien life exists... Unless, they are deeply religious, and believe the earth is the only experiment of god, or something... Which, I'll never understand...

    What most people put in the category of bigfoot... Is abduction. Have aliens just stopped coming here since the invention of the cell phone camera? Why is there never very compelling evidence, in this world of instant light speed communication?

    I think alien life exists, i'm just not sure it can move faster than the speed of light, so they might simply be uninterested in us as a species. If I was an alien, with a light speed ship, I wouldn't think humanity was evolved enough for a visit yet. I'm not a fan of vivisection.

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