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What are the best and worst laws and practices of your region/state/country

Answer as many as you'd like.

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Closing Statement from Jimmy Strobl

Many great thoughts in this conversation, I wish that they still had open-ended Conversations...

I had fun, learned much!

Anyway, It's "impossible" to summarize it, sorry about that.

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    Sep 23 2012: I live in Jamaica, have for all my life, and one thing I love is the sense of community... I'm not sure about laws, but if a Jamaican is walking down the road and doesn't say "Good morning" as they pass, it is considered very rude. We also always have somewhere to go because everyone down here looks out for one another.

    As far as worst laws, Jamaica is highly homophobic, it is illegal to practice homosexuality down here, though it is increasing. All the time, homosexuals are stoned and beaten, sometimes killed, because most of us are raised with the mind set that different is awful (I get a lot of talk simply because I'm an atheist).

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