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What are the best and worst laws and practices of your region/state/country

Answer as many as you'd like.

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Closing Statement from Jimmy Strobl

Many great thoughts in this conversation, I wish that they still had open-ended Conversations...

I had fun, learned much!

Anyway, It's "impossible" to summarize it, sorry about that.

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  • Sep 23 2012: Yes, WE (The benevolent government) will make that decision. Do you disagree? Are you implying that in the society in which you dwell, you would prefer it if people were left to their own decisions about drinking while driving cars?
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      Sep 23 2012: Who is your reply to Chris?
      • Sep 23 2012: Pat Gilbert. I apologize to you and he, I'm new with Ted, and new with an ipad.
        Thought I was replying to his comment.
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      Sep 23 2012: I'm not implying anything.
    • Sep 25 2012: not necessarily, however even a countries that claims to be 'democratic" are really not.
      people for the most part don't have a say in a hole lot of things the government decide to enforce. -that mainly affect those with no say. (the weak)
      also the government doesn't necessarily care for the progress and well being of most of the population(a lot of it is self-desire, politics)
      i understand people, may act dumb, or have wild believes that can affect society in negative ways, ---so they may not make right decisions if given the power to govern.
      however the fact is 90% working population is not being heard, (AND EVEN IF THEY ARE HEARD THEY NOT BEING TAKEN SERIOUSLY), virtually they don't have any power in things such as laws (and i believe even electing an president) in a FIRST world country such as the u.s.
      you'll be surprise how much better the world can do, if people all around the world had a powerful say in politics, and the government, EVERYONE. on EVERYTHING.

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