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What are the best and worst laws and practices of your region/state/country

Answer as many as you'd like.

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Closing Statement from Jimmy Strobl

Many great thoughts in this conversation, I wish that they still had open-ended Conversations...

I had fun, learned much!

Anyway, It's "impossible" to summarize it, sorry about that.

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  • Sep 22 2012: Honestly I am not a fan of the drinking and driving laws in my area.

    Its getting so that you can't have a drink after work, or go to a friends house and have one or two.
    I totally agree with it in a urban setting, but in the rural setting where I am from there is no public transit or anything like that.
    • Sep 23 2012: My oldest son probably isn't a fan of the drinking and driving laws in this area either, as he recently got his second charge, and is doing weekends in jail for a few months. This after he already went to jail, to get off probation, and had it all licked, but he had to drink and drive again, now he has a new five years probation.
      He's 24. I don't see him much, but if I did, I guess I'd say, don't drink and drive. This time he crashed into someone in a parking lot and a kid was in the car. I've been to jail also, but not for drinking and driving. I met a guy in there, in county jail, awaiting sentence for drinking and driving. He hit a lady in her car, and her teenage daughter is no longer with us. He payed a lawyer thousands of dollars, and was hoping for a minimal sentence. I read in the paper after I got out that he got 5 years. Hey, the child's dead. He was a nice guy. We watched baseball. One or two shouldn't be over the blood alcohol content limit. Fifteen or twenty are, or two nice huge glasses of booze by a friendly barkeep. I've gotten pulled over a few times drunk and let go. Good cops know who's okay and who isn't. I don't know the breathalyzer limit in canada, but I find your one or two claim a little dubious. One or two isn't going to get anyone a driving while intoxicated charge in my neighborhood.
      • Sep 23 2012: here it may not get you an official charge, but officers can now seize your vehicle for 3-4 days or something and also suspend your licence for a week for blowing over .05
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      Sep 23 2012: Here in Sweden the limit for drunk driving is 0.2‰ which I think is good. Basically this is zero tolerance since a regular beer gives most people a higher value then this.

      We have among the fewest fatal driving accidents in the world/capita.
      Over here we solve it by having a designated driver, taking public transport, a taxi or simply staying the night. There is no justification for raising the risks of killing someone because you have the urge for a drink and haven't planned that out fully.
      When driving, your reaction time, observation skills and judgement are crucial for making split-second decisions, these are all lowered by drinking. And being drunk isn't an on/off switch.
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        Sep 23 2012: You might want to check your math. In the U.S. the limit is .08, but I think you meant .02

        What is legal limit on marijuana?
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          Sep 23 2012: There is nothing wrong with my math (in this case) I didn't write "%" i wrote "‰".
          But yeah, that comes to .02%

          There is zero tolerance (in law) for marijuana here in Sweden.
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        Sep 23 2012: Ok my bad, what is that symbol called?

        Ok it is called per-mille which means parts per thousand

        according to the link

        .2 per mille = .2/1000 = .0002

        I think you meant 20 per-mille which would be .02

        But I'm sure you will correct me if I'm wrong.

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          Sep 23 2012: I didn't know the English word for it so I just looked it up, it's BAC (1/1000) according to Google Translate.
          In Swedish it's just "promille".
      • Sep 23 2012: Wow, that's a low limit. Depending on body weight, one drink per hour can keep a person under the .08 limit. So you can't even have that, you probably can't have one drink at all. I hear stories from friends who blew .2 or more. That's gotta be twenty drinks, thirty, and you're driving! Terrible.
        Probably don't even know what day it is.
        • Sep 23 2012: Making the limit so low makes things a lot easier I guess: you don't have to guess how many drinks would be permissible, you know the answer is 0, that's easy to remember and avoids discussions with the cops or your friends like "well, I'm a big guy, I think 1 beer won't hurt, well maybe 2, who knows even 3 if I wait an hour before I drive".

          Pat, please don't go the slippery slope route. If you say taking away a person's freedom to drunk drive and get people killed in the process automatically leads to a police state then I'm gonna say allowing people to drive drunk automatically leads to Lord Of The Flies anarchy.

          There are no mitigating circumstances in drunk driving, on average it will result in more damage than shoplifting and it is only because of cultural reasons that people think it's the other way around.
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          Sep 23 2012: You certainly have to have rules, but this is just another example of the top down/know best mentality. Just one step above prohibition, which created a lot of the organized crime of that era. Yea they sure made a difference by using the force inherent in government to take this liberty away from the individual.
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          Sep 23 2012: John,

          It makes clear sense, as you say you can't have a single drink and they have very large (and quite successful) campaigns advising against even driving the next day. Been that way for some years so it's even a well rooted mentality among many.

          People tend to cheat themselves with how drunk they are and the drunker they get the more they feel overconfident in their abilities to do just about anything, including driving.
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          Sep 23 2012: "People tend to cheat themselves with how drunk they are and the drunker they get the more you feel overconfident in your abilities to do just about anything, including driving."

          So it is best to determine what the individual can or cannot do, in other words we will make that decision for you.
        • Sep 23 2012: "So it is best to determine what the individual can or cannot do, in other words we will make that decision for you."

          Based on medical research and the fact that you can kill other people in a car accident.
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          Sep 23 2012: Pat,

          It's not "Just one step above prohibition", of course people should be allowed to drink!!!
          But people should not be allowed to put other innocent people in danger because of irresponsibility. And drinking and driving is doing just that.
          And yes, laws are not written in cafes, they are written at the "top" and applied "down"-wards.

          I don't really think that we have to worry about organized crime because people can't drink and drive.
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          Sep 23 2012: yes .you should be responsible for others'safety!.right
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          Sep 23 2012: Jimmy

          If it is not what would the next step be?

          There are mitigating factors regarding drinking and the ability to drive and there is no absolute regarding doing so safely, certainly it is above 20 per-mille. The bigger threat to driver safety is incompetence which any actuarial will tell you.

          The bigger point is that the government forcibly takes a liberty away from the individual in the name of, insert favorite rhetoric, when in reality it is by force.

          The next step would certainly be prohibition in your country, that certainly caused organized crime in this country. Similarly making marijuana illegal in the U.S. has caused most of the organized crime in Mexico.

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