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Unconditional basic income

When a human being is born, he/she has The right of a roof, clothes and food.
So, very simpel: a garanteerd monthly fix amount of finance and unconditional!
By The way: an idea out of the Middle Ages!

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    Sep 20 2012: Human nature has proven: when you give hand outs, they will always come back for more. You give them water, they ask why not gatorade? Go to Russia and stand in a bread line half the day to see the end game of free stuff. Getting something for free is not freedom because you become a slave to that system.
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    Sep 19 2012: "When a human being is born, he/she has The right of a roof, clothes and food."

    according to what theory?
    • Sep 19 2012: The theory is actually a fact. The fact that you are born, as such. We as a (global, continental, national and local) community have got the responsibility to take care of our fellow citizans.
  • Sep 19 2012: It's a good idea, it would solve so much problems and actually allow for many government programs to be abolished, just make sure that people with essential jobs get paid more than the basic income.
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      Sep 19 2012: Yes and can we ice cream too?
      • Sep 19 2012: Your sarcasm put aside, every civilized society already has a bunched up guaranteed income system with orphanages, retirement benefits, unemployment benefits, welfare, etc... It would all be so much simpler (and probably cheaper) if it was all unified into a livable, but not too high, guaranteed income. We know from experience that this doesn't keep most people from working, the only people who think that would happen are the people who would stop working themselves if welfare was higher and the economy can do without their unmotivated asses (many work in finance so hey don't contribute anyway).

        A guaranteed income also makes people a lot more relaxed, improving physical and mental health (reducing health care costs).

        Explain to me why a corporate CEO still works? He's already filthy rich, so why doesn't he just play golf all day? Because he would get bored, he likes the "corporate game" more than playing golf. Why does a soldier go willingly to the front line for next to no pay? Because he feels it's his duty. Why does a nurse empty bedpans instead of going to another line of work that pays better? Because he cares about people, wants to help them. Why doesn't every scientist or engineer move to finance and make more money? Because they wouldn't like the job and they care about science and engineering. Most people don't just work for money, I pity the ones that do, it must be awful to only get out of bed in the morning because you are afraid to starve. Besides, it's not like a guaranteed income would ever be high enough to let you have your own home or a new car, so there is always plenty of material motivation left to work., this in addition to the boost in social status a job provides a person with.
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          Sep 19 2012: When the price of something drops the demand goes up. When the price goes to free the demand goes to infinity. It is really hard to produce infinity of anything.

          This is a double edge sword that cost the producers at the least an intolerably onerous amount but it deprives the receivers of a life. Meanwhile the posers say what a good boy I am.

          Once again nope you could not be more wrong.
      • Sep 19 2012: All these gouvernmental measerments are not unconditional. You can skip them all in return for an UNCONDITIONAL basic income. Not: 'Arbeit macht frei', but: 'Freiheit macht Arbeit'.
        We are on earth to realize ourselves, not to be modern slaves!
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          Sep 19 2012: "We are on earth to realize ourselves, not to be modern slaves!"

          Are you proposing we will attain this through a nanny state?
    • Sep 19 2012: Where are you afraid of?
    • Sep 19 2012: Is there a interest group in tour neighbourhood dealing UBI?