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Time in the Mind

Our minds store the time instances our senses reported to the subconscious, and it is our conscious mind that process those instances into meaningful thoughts.

From my observation, the time instances the brain collects are used by the conscious mind; meaning the mind that interacts with its surroundings using inputs such as senses, or during activities within the conscious itself - for example calculating a problem. The subconscious is a repository for all time instances. The subconscious stores these time instances without associations to each other.

When the brain captures a memory it is done as a measurement - from the start of an observation from a sense up to the end of an observation from a sense. The subconscious stores this time instance and the conscious mind is responsible for making associations. Time instances are only captured by the subconscious with no associations, but the conscious mind can make sequential or past associations within the capturing time instance, similar to our calculation example. The subconscious constantly captures while the conscious mind guides what to capture; think of the subconscious as the engine and the conscious as the steering wheel.

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  • Sep 20 2012: I think our mind captures reality like the altern current, that is: in a shape of waves, like a twinkling light. Our subconcient might be more like direct current, that is in a linear way, and perhaps is the responsible for what we call intuition, a feeling you have for reality that you don't know how to explain it.

    If our mind takes reality like waves, just like the altern current, I can assure you those waves can accelerate or decelerate deppending the age and the "momentum" whether you're in danger or you're making an effort, like in sports, or you're strongly focusing in something.

    Let me put some examples. When we were kids, or at list when I was a kid, time seemed to go very slow. A year passed so slow we din't remember we have to be good guys the whole year in order to recieve gifts from Santa until one or two week before Christmas, becuase we feel it has to pass an eternity to be the next Chrismas. The primary school seemed an eternal time to me while the time in highschool and in the university went so fast. According to my theory, waves were going faster when kid while they slow down and keep slowing down as we get older.

    Another clear example is when I used to fight with some one when a I was younger. I swear I'm a paceful man, but some times "a man has to do what a man has to do". The thing is, that in those instances when I was fighting, brainal waves most had been capturing reality so fast that some times I could see my opponent like in a slow motion, and actually I was even able to skip some ponches.

    The same thing happens when you're in danger, you're exercising, perhaps running, or you're focusing very hard in something perhaps playing chess, perception of time seems to slow down due to the accelerating brainal capturing of reality (accelerated waves)

    I hope my contribution can be of any help.

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