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Does formal education as a child hinder a child's creativity?

I am writing on a paper on Education Systems restricting child creativity. On one hand formal education has it s benefits as it trains the human eye to notice things, place things in order. But on the other hand it sets certain limitations to a child's imaginative mind and forces him/her to produce stereotypical imagery of what they call 'art'
What are your opinions?


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  • Oct 3 2012: Citing "formal education" as if it is a consistent, homogeneous entity is unrealistic and a disservice to those schools trying to make a real difference in education. Public schools, by virtue of the task at hand (educating and graduating students in the most cost effective, efficient way), have to be structured and consistent. The demands of an accountability system (NCLB) that is numbers driven only adds to that focus. Creativity is often seen as superfluous in the quest for data excellence.
    Fortunately, there are schools and school districts that are mindful of accountability and still striving to keep the focus where it belongs: the individual child. In these "gold mines", opportunities exist and are increasing for students to concentrate on areas of individual passion, creativity and exploration. Our school district is such a place. We have a vibrant fine arts program with, conservatively, 3/4 of the student population actively involved in art, music (band, orchestra, chorus) and / or theater. Engineering classes begin in middle school through Project Lead the Way; robots and rockets abound. Inquiry-based learning is encouraged. Most importantly, Independent Studies is an elective option. The topic of study is designed by the student and provides precious time for invention, reflection, and WONDER! The teachers of these classes are trained to stretch individual thinking and encourage investigation through "new eyes". Products from these students leave no doubt that creativity is alive and thriving.

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