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Does formal education as a child hinder a child's creativity?

I am writing on a paper on Education Systems restricting child creativity. On one hand formal education has it s benefits as it trains the human eye to notice things, place things in order. But on the other hand it sets certain limitations to a child's imaginative mind and forces him/her to produce stereotypical imagery of what they call 'art'
What are your opinions?


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  • Oct 2 2012: I find this interesting and reminds me of my childhood. My grandfather was an artist and drew many things people would recognize today. Every time he handed me a coloring book and crayons he would tell me "Don't color in the lines". He always thought lines restricted creativity and was never afraid to tell me it was ok to break through the normal.
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      Oct 2 2012: We too were not advised to color between the lines. For that reason, coloring books were not allowed in my house. My mother's view was we could draw things ourselves.

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