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Does formal education as a child hinder a child's creativity?

I am writing on a paper on Education Systems restricting child creativity. On one hand formal education has it s benefits as it trains the human eye to notice things, place things in order. But on the other hand it sets certain limitations to a child's imaginative mind and forces him/her to produce stereotypical imagery of what they call 'art'
What are your opinions?


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  • Sep 26 2012: In my opinion formal education provides a much needed structure to children and a platform for social interaction with others their age.

    It is the parents job to provide a creative outlet at home for the child instead of letting him/her sit for hours in front of a television/game console/ I pad or on the internet. Reading books has all but ceased to exist which is one of the best forms of nurturing the the imagination.

    If anything the stereotypical imagery reflects the lack of stimulus provided in the daily life of a child not just at school.

    Every piece of art has the artists experiences and soul reflected in it thus the art will be colored by imagination the lack of which is eminent when lives are limited to what is easily available on the internet or on the Television.
    • Sep 29 2012: I do agree that education provides structure to a child but not in the form of social interaction. Yes there should be a creative outlet at home, but If any creative outlet is to be instilled in a child sufficiently and effectively, it should be a collective task from all aspects of a childs life, home and school.

      If a child is drummed with authoritative rule and conformed behaviour 35+ hours per week, then you have the parent trying to invoke the childs personal expression and creativity, the relationship between school and home is immediately conflicting.

      Balance and communication is key is it not?

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