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Does formal education as a child hinder a child's creativity?

I am writing on a paper on Education Systems restricting child creativity. On one hand formal education has it s benefits as it trains the human eye to notice things, place things in order. But on the other hand it sets certain limitations to a child's imaginative mind and forces him/her to produce stereotypical imagery of what they call 'art'
What are your opinions?


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  • Sep 29 2012: 'Formal education' could be defined as educating students or filling students with knowledge & basic facts .
    A 'students creativity' could be defined as invoked expression or freedom of expression from an individual.
    We can only begin to see the diferencebetween 'conformed education' & 'creativite expression' and factors that can drive a student either way are 1) A teachers ability to teach, communicate & invoke. 2) A students ability to learn. communicate & question.

    In my opinion & observation, schooling through to High School education is based around conforming to the national standard guidlines & a teachers personal perspective of behavioural control. These two points are the blocking agent to any students ability to grow creatively.

    i.e., The student has been the #1 art student of their year for 3 years in high school, they are submitting their final piece for the yearl.
    STUDENTt: I painted my niece in soft shades of blue because it reminds me of her & makes me feel happy.
    TEACHER: No that wont do, blue is a sad colour & you've ruined the whole portrait
    STUDENT': Why does blue have to be a sad? this is my portrait not anyone else's
    TEACHER: Because it just is. (teacher storms out of the room).
    -- After that conversation, I was graded so low, I was pushed down to the bottom of the class. All it took was one personal perspective of an authoritive figure.

    Another example is as an adult student in university, I noticed the struggle lecturers had trying to push personal opinion & artistic boundries with students straight from High School. Generally speaking you could almost say that Formal education is training our children how to think, how to act & how not to question authority. A teachers job is to teach and over all that is exactly what they do very well but the question is 'what are they teaching and how are they teaching it?

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