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Does formal education as a child hinder a child's creativity?

I am writing on a paper on Education Systems restricting child creativity. On one hand formal education has it s benefits as it trains the human eye to notice things, place things in order. But on the other hand it sets certain limitations to a child's imaginative mind and forces him/her to produce stereotypical imagery of what they call 'art'
What are your opinions?


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  • Sep 26 2012: Formal education is a foundation. You can design many kinds of foundations for many different conditions of soil, environment, weather, usage, buildings - but you need a good foundation to make much that will reach its full potential.

    In music, you learn scales, chords, fingering, notes. The finest musicians in all genres, usually have some or strong background in classical music - theory and practice. In sports, there are endless drills. In math, it all starts with knowing 0 and 1 - with number lines, memorization of tables to make your brain independent of a calculator - to quicken your ability to go further. In writing, you express your ideas from a selection of basic principles - noun, verb, object, adverb. Some of the most amazing art, writing, philosophy has been created during the most structured regimes - witness the artists coming out of China under the strictest oversight. Michaelangelo working DIRECTLY for the Pope. The Golden Gate Bridge during the fear, paranoia and constraints of the Great Depression. Shoot, even healthy politics requires knowledge of the principles of governing in general and your government in particular. (Lack thereof of this may explain the current deadlocks national and international.... )

    There is no one right foundation - only the right one for your purpose - personal, community, national, spiritual.... . Public (and private) education cannot possibly be tailored to the nth detail but there are some things that we do know to pass on that are most helpful in a broad time and place. Without it, it's easy to confuse, distract, obstruct, dominate. It is no surprise that the first thing those who would oppress do is to demonize education and creatives.

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