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I am very confused. What should i do?

Hello and thank you for taking out time to read my question :)
I always had a profound passion for electronics when i was 8 years old, i used to make circuits and think i was the best at it. Obviously, i was not. Anyway, this interest evolved into something different, a passion for physics. No longer am i interested by electronics, but what really catches my attention is quantum theory. I am extremely confused. I always wanted to do something for the society, something like Schrodinger, Albert Einstein and many other great people.
I have come to understand that i am not the person who possesses such intellectual capacity. Even though i am one of the brightest students in my school, and i am capable of getting into great universities, not exceptional. I am 14 years old currently, and sadly, i am confused. I cannot figure out what to do with my life. I know it is too soon, but i cannot imagine doing anything other than science.
I am starting to give up now, as i do not possess the "brains". I am thinking of just doing engineering and then MBA and get any highly paid jobs (


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    Sep 19 2012: Knowing your limits is nothing to be afraid of, but trying to stretch those limits is what makes you great!

    You just have to decide what you love doing, then you'll end up being good at what you do. Who cares if you're not the best? As long as you have fun, you will live a fullfilling and fun life ;)

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