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What do you think about the future of engineering field????

Nowadays there are many people doing engineering but some with passion and some with need and also some for just time pass. So its become really tough job to select good engineer. Do you think the increasing no's can create problems????

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    Sep 20 2012: Engineering will always be important
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    Sep 19 2012: If it has, then going to good engineering schools like Georgia Tech is increasingly more important if you want to be an engineer. Having that kind of reputable name on your resume automatically means you already have a level of credibility that someone with a lesser known engineering school on their resume.

    However, going to a school like Georgia Tech is expensive as well. Perhaps there will be a lot more DIY engineers out there? Especially when the open resources out there are numerous and accessible.
  • Sep 19 2012: It is important and will continue to be important.