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What are your thoughts and questions on "the magic washing machine"?

I will be answering questions on my new TED talk today at 11.30 -1.30 pm EST.
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    Mar 23 2011: Thanks a lot, Mr. Rosling, for this marvelous experience. Watching you explaining some "facts" like this should make us think about it sincerely. Have you tried to teach this same subject, and others, to the people who is in charge of "ruling" the world?

    Mr. Obama, Mr. Hu Jintao, Mr. Putin, Mr. Singh, Ms. Rousseff, Mr. Naoto Kan, Mr. Harper, Ms. Merkel, Mr. Cameron, Mr. Sarkozy, Mr. Berlusconi, Mr. Zapatero... Mr. Ban Ki-moon... Do they all KNOW about this? If yes, what are they doing? If not, why?

    Thank you again, Mr. Rosling for your brilliant speech and for sharing your knowledge and experience with this apprentice.

    Best regards / David

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