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Social media revolution changed Egypt , then which country will be next one?

From the beginning, the revolution in Egypt was propelled by the use of social media, and then the government blocked Facebook and Twitter and eventually shut down Internet access completely.Twitter and Facebook users found ways to work around the blackout.Without a doubt, social media, mobile devices and the web have brought the stories from Egypt closer to home. And conversely, the events in Egypt have shown the strength of these tools for both organizing and informing people. we can say social media revolution can make history.
Which country will be next one?

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  • Feb 24 2011: The thing is, for a social media revolution to take place there must be sufficient computer access, at least to a critical mass of people. So that nixes North Korea, for example. I would say Saudi Arabia will be next.
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      Mar 8 2011: good point. But what if Social Media is used by a small number of people in the country itself just to deliver info to foreigner users? I guess that is is what happened in Iran.

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