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Do we think as a being/whole body and not just as a brain?

In Bonnie Bassler: How bacteria "talk", she talks about how the bacteria talk, make decisions, teach others, and even have two distinct languages. But why doesn’t she mention that bacteria actually think as individuals. On some fundamental level they have to, much like Ants, that although the information or knowledge that the single bacteria have is minuet, in a larger group that intelligence is shown. Could it be possible that these biological super organisms are an outward representation of in inward process that is happening in every living/material thing on a microscopic level? I would suggest yes. I would also suggest that if we evolved from a single celled organism into logical thinking beings, that on some level this single celled organism would have to think. We know from her work that they, talk, make decisions, teach, and have two distinct languages, one of which is universal to all bacteria (something humans can’t seem to figure out yet). I don’t care who you are that sounds like advanced intelligent life. Why must we as humans put our self on such a unique pedestal? I would suggest that this is from the reaction to realizing self. It’s easy now to look in a mirror and say yep that’s me, but it’s a million times harder to say that this is just a visual representation of trillions of moving, living, self-replicating entities. Whose basic internal voice could be something along the lines of eat, sleep, and reproduce? What if it took those 10 trillion bacterial cells and human cells working together to turn on our subconscious mind?

  • Sep 30 2012: It is all one process, all of it, completely and instantaneously integrated, connected and all-knowing.
    That is what I believe.
    I'm told there are trillions of cells doing trillions of things every second that make up my body, brain and perhaps mind.
    Hell, the first G4 I had computed 16 billion bits of information a second and was banned from being sold to China because it was considered a 'super-computer'. (but, they already had them)

    Do you consciously heal a cut or scratch? If so, are you consciously aware of the process used and aware that you are doing it? No, but it happens and intelligence, power and let's add love (because it is a healing), are what takes place.

    I think we put ourselves on a pedestal because of fear, mainly. Our perceived self, doesn't really exist and so it attempts to "run wild." Some say we are, "self-will run riot" but I prefer, "the self: will run riot" if allowed to.

    By the way, if thoughts "are not true reflections of reality" then what is the thought that recognizes this or discovers it?
    Is that then not real, accurate or true also?
  • Sep 22 2012: "Why must we as humans put our self on such a unique pedestal? I would suggest that this is from the reaction to realizing self."

    You are close. The reason for the pedestal is that we have not evolved to the point of realizing that our imaginations are out of control. We nearly worship the imagination as being the source of our creativity and make ourselves into gods with in our own minds.

    We have not evolved to the point of distinguishing our selves from our mentally created self images of who we imagine ourselves to be. Freud used the word ego as a Greek mystifying term for self without distinguishing self from the mental self image. Psychology has acknowledged the self image as existing for the purpose of manipulating it into a form which supports a client in being more socially appropriate. Yet they have not yet acknowledged the ignorance of assuming that the self image and the self are the same.

    It is well documented and discussed now that we are more bacteria than human cells with a ratio of ten micro organisms for each human cell. Possibly as we drop the self image and become more acquainted with the self we will naturally be as intelligent as bacteria.
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    Sep 19 2012: Accepting that the human mind is an ordinary phenomenum, and that the brain is made of ordinary stuff is still a challenge for so many people...
    It's going too fast. It's like handing laptops to Neanderthals and trying to convince them that there is nothing magical about them.

    Hum... no offense.
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      Sep 19 2012: None taken. But that still does not make the laptop magical just because they do not understand it.
  • Sep 19 2012: Yes. We are one whole being. All of our systems interact with each other and with external systems.
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    Gail .

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    Sep 19 2012: I believe that "if it exists, it is self-aware" (sentient). The cells in my fingers exist. The bacteria and anti-bodies in my body are self-aware. I am a cooperative unit.

    I take this farther. Thoughts are electromagnetic energy. They extend beyond our bodies and merge with the energies of other "beings". Quantum science suggests that they combine as the unified field or morphic field or quantum field. In this way, a human is as much a part of the self-aware energy field as the my right hand is part of me.

    The separation that we see is an illusion.
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      Sep 22 2012: Yeah I was never going from the whole conceptual thought and reflective awareness, that I do believe is a unique feature of our brains. I would agree that you hit it on the head with the idea of primordial intelligence. I also think that some intelligence arise from out of the being like elizabeth talks about here. These flashes of thoughts that literally seem to come out of no where for me they come across as confirming waves of energy pulsating through my body.
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        Sep 22 2012: Instinct....intuition....universal energy....collective's all flowing through us all the time....true? How much we feel it at any given time depends on how open we are to the flow of energy. If we are regularly open to the flow (mindfully aware) we continually increase the energy vibration in the body/mind. With an increased energy vibration, the "whole being" is balanced and working together. If we simply want to use the brain, we deprive ourselves of the opportunity to experience the "whole" balanced process, which the body/mind is capable of.
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          Sep 22 2012: 110% :)
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          Sep 22 2012: Yes but you need to come to these conclusion before you can "open" it (use loosely) If you are not consciously aware of this ability although it is always there but lets say hidden from you. You can certainly open the flow by raising your own personal vibrations. See Reiki

          I am not saying its magical I am just trying to raise awareness.
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          Sep 22 2012: Thoughts are not just thoughts that is what "they" (use loosely) want you to think, your thought/mind can over come any obstacle that is put in front of it. Think survival. Which as a bacterial "species" for all things as are E pluribus unum. We have been doing for millions and millions of years.
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        Sep 22 2012: Hi Mark,
        I believe the body/mind is fueled by energy, which could be considered universal energy, vibration, primordial intelligence (do you consider this similar to collective consciousness?). The body is matter....yes? We have lots of different terms to try to identify and catagorize everything in human terms. Basically, I believe the body is matter, fueled by energy.

        That is how I saw it with the NDE....the body, on the bed in ICU, near death, was the vehicle, and the carrier of energy.

        I do not think or feel it is at all "magical" feels very natural to me. I believe EVERYTHING is interconnected....."one and the same" as you say. I agree...."it's nothing other than all our most basic, ordinary, everyday reality".....all natural:>)

        I believe that the concept of imagination is also carried with the energy that flows through the body/mind. I agree that "it" is alreday flowing through us, and I also believe that with recognition, mindfullness, awareness, we increase the flow. If we do not recognize something, it doesn't exist for us...correct? If we decide that the sky is red, that is the reality we create for ourselves....correct? If we decide that energy flowing through our body is a bunch of crap.....not real......that is the reality we create. The energy still powers the body, and without recognition, it doesn't have as much strength. It's like installing an electric line you know? We can install a 110 volt line, or a 220 volt line, and it changes the amount of energy we receive.....similar to the human body:>)
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          Sep 23 2012: I agree Mark,

          I actually think this is what makes us pattern thinkers. Trying to perceive something that might be there or not. I imagine this is how the eye was developed. First the cells were attracted to the light(sun) then they had to imagine or invoke the lights energy wave. I would suggest that the evolving eye saw all wave lengths of light but was seen(use loosely) as static or white noise. Then from there we (us bacteria and other single celled orgasms) attempted and tried to make patterns out of this static. As these patterns emerged they became our conceptual understanding of reality. As a consciousness we agreed to use these patterns real or otherwise as our collective understanding of the physical world. Just trying to make sense of it all on a fundamental level.

          Also this is probably why when anyone does psychedelic's they almost always respond with look at all the pretty colors.
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          Sep 23 2012: Mark,
          It's ok if you do not acknowlege what I's always a choice we make. I am not a scientist....I'm just a simple person. Demanding that I give you more information than I am capable of giving, is not going to facilitate more discussion.

          I addressed Casey's topic to the best of my ability. If it is not satisfactory to you, so be it. I am in no way attached to you or anyone else accepting what I say:>)

          I agree...that what we call body and 'mind' may be abstractions....concepts.....human constructs. That being said, however, that is all I have with which to communicate while in human form. I totally agree with you that the NDE is difficult to capture in words. So, why are you seeking more words as explanation?

          I will certainly try not to make any "mistakes" in my thinking Mark. Do you honestly believe there are "mistakes" in thinking? Interesting! I do not agree with that.

          I do not agree that "everything here on TED is about" my NDE. I have never started a conversation about NDE/OBEs, as several other people have done, and I only mention it when it seems applicable to the topic. In fact, one may look at all the comments I have made here on TED for 3 years, to varify that there are many, many MORE comments about many other topics, and the discussions about NDE/OBEs are few and far between. You might want to ask yourself why you make such a silly accusation, because one can simply look in my profile for that information.

          Mark, you end your comment with the statement..."there is no communication here". I agree.
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          Sep 24 2012: Mark,
          I agree with you regarding your perception of assumptions, concepts, beliefs and true reflections of reality and abstract interpretations. I do not agree that what we think is ever a mistake, and I respect your belief, as your belief.

          I also agree that within "all our most basic, ordinary, everyday reality" "there is absolutely nothing in any experiece that makes one more significant or important or special than another".....except in our own perception:>)

          Again Mark, I don't really care if you acknowledge what I write, or not. I am simply sharing my perceptions, just as you are. If you insist on calling my perceptions "rigid", so be it. I believe that I am pretty open minded, open hearted and flexible regarding thoughts, feelings, ideas, concepts, beliefs and opinions. I do not perceive anything to be "concrete", as you say, and my comments have demonstrated that over and over again.

          I know myself pretty well after 60+ years of exploration Mark, and agree with you that questioning beliefs is always a good practice. I will still be exploring, while taking my last breath here in the earth school:>)
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        Sep 24 2012: Casey,
        This is a reply to your comment ending with...
        "You can certainly open the flow by raising your own personal vibrations. See Reiki
        I am not saying its magical I am just trying to raise awareness."

        I also believe in the effectiveness of energy healing practices. I am grateful to have many friends who are massage therapists, reiki, reflexology and iridology masters/practioners, so I'm grateful to have experienced all of these healing practices. I've also very successfully experienced acupuncture and acupressure a couple times.

        I believe that illness, dis-ease and injury are, or cause, a blockage of energy, so if we can move the energy in our body, either with our own practices (exercise, yoga, meditation), or with alternative practices provided by others, we can sometimes manage the challenges more easily. I also believe in the value of western medicine practices. I think/feel we can successfully use everything available for healing, and to do this, it's important to be familier with how the body/mind functions.
  • Sep 19 2012: Casey,

    Ever heard of "The Hundredth Monkey Theory"

    Here's a rather short and "cheap" video that tells a little bit about it. It's a really bad video!! There are much better things to read to get some better info. than watching this little video, but it gives the general idea. I don't really like the ending of it but if you google it you might find something of real value. Carl G. Jung was of course did some work here with the collective unconscious.

    Morphogenic fields is another idea that you might like to google.

    There is some disagreement on the real truth of this phenomenon, just what the Japanese scientists really experienced on the two islands. I don't know if it has been proven false or not ... but the story that Bonnie Bassler tells us is just the same only on a smaller scale....
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      Sep 19 2012: Yes I have heard of this and I do believe is is possible. I personally think that this is why there are not Aliens at area 54 (sorry thats a movie) Area 51 or maybe we haven't reach the crucial number for this information to transcend our collective consciousness. I believe that depression and that feeling of being alone stems from the fact that we have evolved from a single organism. Even though there are 7 billion people on this planet. I personally think that this sensation that people have of being alone stems from this innate idea that we are all one. And if we do find any living thing bacterial or otherwise outside our planet I believe that there will we this extreme mental release of no longer feeling alone.
  • Sep 19 2012: Bacteria don't "think". They don't even process information, they just instantly react to their environment, like one magnet reacts to another.
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      Sep 19 2012: In her video she talks about how they teach other bacteria, not only does that sound like processing information. But also like passing on knowledge like every culture in society does. How can teach something without first knowing it must be taught to someone.
      • Sep 19 2012: They exchange DNA through a tube whenever they're near to each other, they don't "teach" each other anything,

        A bacteria cannot access the information stored into it's DNA, you shouldn't compare it to two computers exchanging ones and zeros, you should compare it to installing a new graphics card in a computer, no even that's not a good comparison: a bacteria lacks a part that functions as a CPU, brain or even nervous system.
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          Sep 19 2012: So what about the exchange of ones and zeros out of the back of your computer through a tube to my screen if that not a form of information transferring then I don't know what is . And just remember it's that little piece of DNA exchange that your parents did through a tube that has you sitting here today...teaching and learning and what not. If you ask me DNA is the most advanced form of communication or data encryption. If we could zip information on to DNA to then transfer knowledge we could probably zip the whole entire library of congress onto one strand of DNA.

          If you watch Jeff Hawkins: How brain science will change computing
          he explain that one cell stores all the information on bill Clinton and that is lights up and vibrates. Yes we use out brain to make this happen I am not saying we don't I am saying that all cell light up when stimulated and that we have so much more knowledge in us as a being then that is simple in our brain.
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    Sep 19 2012: " if we evolved from a single celled organism into logical thinking beings, that on some level this single celled organism would have to think"

    No, they wouldn't have think. Why would they? Where's the connection?

    Your image of the trillion organisms facing the mirror is poetic, nontheless.
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      Sep 19 2012: Because plants and organisms without a brain show intelligence. And how could all the bacteria on earth create a universal "language" without coming to some conclusion that they would have to work together, and do work together to create life. How do we evolve if something inside us isn't say hey that last random choice kinda worked next time lets try adding an extra appendage. Only the conversation would take a lot longer to articulate as well as develop.

      I am not sure consider it a philosophical leap :)
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        Not anymore than silicon chips know they're playing against Kasparov!!!
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          Sep 19 2012: actually they do know they are working together in her video she talks about cell that once a large enough group get together they all turn on light as one. Sounds like cooperative experience to me
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      Sep 19 2012: I would suggest that it is our being and the energy of the universe that create these random thoughts of knowledge that come out of no where. That Elizabeth talks about here

      Its our being feeding this information to us. And sometimes the brain needs to interpret that as a storm cloud of poetry to make sense of it.
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        Sep 19 2012: Then you'll kindly explain to me why 80% of the biomass is single-cell organisms.
        Don't they all "want" to cooperate? Or do they have little personalities, and some just like to play solo?
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          Sep 19 2012: Explain further I know biomass as a form of alternative energy if you mean something else I need more clarification.

          And yes I guess you could postulate that bacteria and single celled organisms do have "macro personalities" which is probably where 50% of our personalities come from and the rest is environmental as well as personal choice
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        Sep 20 2012: Biomass means the sum of all the masses from all the living organisms.
        "macro" means big. "micro" means small.
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          Sep 20 2012: I that relationship I would say that is it certainly something that is unique to our human DNA as well as evolution. But on a whole I do think that most if not all single cell organisms do work together in some way which is why we have life on the planet (the circle of life). How ever there most likely are some free radicals (use term loosely) that do what to walk to a different beat which might explain the formation of new species.

          And I think I was going for Nano but put macro