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I see a lot of "job seekers" in TED community...is this a sign from the job apocalypsis?

The illusion of productive life has created a failure generation in a decadent culture. This phenomena is typical from an outdated social and political systems that resist their natural transformation and in final stages use the war issue. This status has been recurrent in the US political structures from their very foundation. Fear instead of responsability is the main current answer from this threatening country diguised with democracy masks. The world beyond nothamerican frontiers is very rich and different...then why we will change it?


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    Sep 19 2012: Is anyone going to say SOMETHING about the jobs, the OBVIOUS lack of economic structure to support people who need to work in order to survive or we're going to discuss how offended are people who doesn't speak english as first language in a continent full of different languages and dialects.

    Maybe this is not happening, Jaime Lubin is just a ghost and yes, i'm totally invisible.
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      Sep 19 2012: That depends, is that really all he was talking about?

      And it's not that he misuses the English language, it's more that 80% of the problem is that he was introducing some terms that were incredibly vague, and what he's referring to is unclear to many of us.

      Do you want to start a conversation talking about the wars on public schools, the moral enslavement of movies and games, and enlightenment of politics?

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