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I see a lot of "job seekers" in TED community...is this a sign from the job apocalypsis?

The illusion of productive life has created a failure generation in a decadent culture. This phenomena is typical from an outdated social and political systems that resist their natural transformation and in final stages use the war issue. This status has been recurrent in the US political structures from their very foundation. Fear instead of responsability is the main current answer from this threatening country diguised with democracy masks. The world beyond nothamerican frontiers is very rich and different...then why we will change it?


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    Sep 19 2012: I think we're having a bit of language or culture interferences. Shall we start saying that America is a whole continent that starts at the very north of Canada and ends at the very bottom of Argentina and wide as the very big country in it. In this enormous amount of land inhabits a very different and rich variety of cultures, that not necessarily need to perform a job/work/labor the same way. First of all we have to define what a job/work/labour is. Then we have to define what that word means within each culture in this continent.

    Also we have to accept that the political system IS INDEED outdated, if not how come is there so many inconformity about the way we live, and so much ignorance about what can we do to improve it?

    Yes, we're at the edge of a job/work/labour crisis because a lot of young people with very fancy degrees doesn't know what to do for a living. And a lot of very experienced people doesn't want to be listened. And doesn't want to be payed or hired. The truth is that the value of many things is now forgotten, that the price is NOT the same as value.

    Responsability, as the etymology says, is the ability to respond to something, whatever it is. It has to do with living the present and do what has to be done. Fear is kind of the opposite, if we don't see and don't know what to do the obvious response is to go away or turn to somewhere else.

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