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Obsolete Jobs

Phasing out something takes time, whether society has found a better solution or it succumbed to age. I am at an adolescent point of my life (17 years of age) where I have plans to become this or that as my future career. But it never struck me if a certain occupation could be phased out completely in regards to technological advancement. I am oversensitive, and rather picky on my education. I strive to pursue a career in business. Now it looks like many positions in that particular sector won't be obsolete as long as I live. But let's have a debate on certain jobs being phased out as a result of automation or the like.

Discuss: Jobs/careers/occupations that will be gone in the long-term or even the next decade or so and back them up.


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    Sep 19 2012: I strongly agree with Robin Patin. Learn how to build strong and large social networks. That first - your career goals seconds.

    In addition to automation, there is the problem of outsourcing. As jobs are outsourced to companies with employees earning 18 cents and hour, there will still be business managers, but they won't be in the USA. The day of getting a job at 20 and retiring 40 years later from the same company is long gone.
    • Sep 19 2012: So you are saying careers have to be fluid in this current age. Well, I want to base my career off of business. Not just one particular specialized position but adapting to various professions within the field.
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      Sep 19 2012: Also the power of referrals. If a friend in your network is a highly trusted employee of this one company, then when the friend recommends you to the boss, the boss will definitely take consideration of your friend's trusted opinion/friend.

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