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How would you film a TV pilot?

We had on a guest who wanted to produce a TV Pilot that goes in depth into the lives of the patients and medical staff at a mental ward facility.

After seeing this interview what steps and procedures would you take to ensure you had a well-writtend, well directed, and well thought of TV pilot to pitch to Network Executives?

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    Sep 18 2012: Hire Gerald O'brian.
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    Sep 18 2012: I would start with the script to ensure that the narrative structure is strong and engaging.
    We would need an engaging event narrative progress and engaging character narrative progress.
    The script analysis will be done by the creative team.
    Then we would work on casting; budget; marketing; and the films/Tv shows that look like our proposed film.
    As long as we get the creative team excited about the project then we are ready for the pitch.