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Do you prefer a Frank Lloyd Wright home over a home built today?

This was by far one of our best interviews of the second season in which our guest Robert Barros did a insightful documentary celebrating the life and times of Frank Lloyd Wrights Apprenctice John H Howe.

After seeing clips of the house featured in our interview with him which can be viewed here would you prefer a Frank Lloyd Wright home today? IF not, why?

  • Sep 19 2012: It is not a simple choice....Wright versus today. Both are good. Seekpositive/Findpositive.
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    Sep 19 2012: I'd give it a go.

    They are at least art. Not sure how functional.

    Maybe modern life, but we tend to like to move every 5 years and live somewhere fresh. Maybe rotating FLW homes.
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    Sep 18 2012: I think I would rather design my own home. I grew up near many of Frank Lloyd Wrights homes. He had a fabulous eye for line and angle and how to draw the eye with them. His work is very geometrically correct and beautiful in a masculine orderly way.

    I am more of a curve and artsy kind of person. I like hidden nooks and interesting aberrations and surprise. I like the entire color spectrum instead of the brown-beige quarter. I like to know that a house is functional and reflects the people that live there. Frank's houses reflect Frank.

    They are beautiful, solid, and American. Warm and soothing. And completely not my style.
  • Sep 18 2012: Except for the fact that they all seem designed for diminutive people, I think they are maximally cool designs. I especially love Falling Water in Pennsylvania....the hearth, the cantilvered design, the windows meeting at the corners of the room, the use of foam rubber in cushions (for the first time, I believe) and more. The man was an architectural/aesthetic genius.
    His work opened up my eyes and appreciation of architecture.
  • Sep 18 2012: I would like to build my dream house

    To your question, yes.
    IMO the house built today most are boring,
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    Gail .

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    Sep 18 2012: I love that Wright tried to bridge housing and nature, but I am not a fan of his work.