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How to shoot outdoor videography and survive out in the wilderness to achieve your final product

Ken Bailey one of our most accomplished outdoor videographers to date on our show who has graced the Colorado mountains captured the sights and beauties and also being one of the very few to ever document free water sking that was featured on the best of Natural Geographic

After watching this interview

what are some of hints, suggestions, and advice a wilderness expert can give to any youthful videographer who dares venture into the wild to capture wildlife documentaries

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    Sep 18 2012: Research on the country(if it is not a country you are familiar with) the weather, the flora and fauna, the neccessary vaccines and available facilities(access roads,airports,telecoms e.t.c). It is also important to have all the neccesary film permits.

    It is always better to work with a small crew. For example, in South Africa's Kruger national park local guides(park rangers) are usually available with trucks that makes it possible for filmmakers to shoot from a safe distance. The park rangers also have a wealth of knowledge and experience that would be valuable content for such documentary.