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What was not taught in school that you realize, REALLY should have been? (Why?)

For me, things like Financial Literacy, Entrepreurism, Cooking and Sex Ed (and the Psychology of Relationships), were not taught. And I realize that I have had to spend quite a few years now bumbling through life with the rest of my friends, rather clueless. Yet, I'd always score high on calculus quizzes, in labelling body parts and I am an excellent speller. Oh! And I am really confident! : /

I feel I have useless superpowers in some areas and not enough power in others where I super need it. (Perhaps my ignorance is ripe for being picked on by predators in society...) Most of the things that I wish I learned, improved the quality of my life and mind once I did learn them.

What is your deal?


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    Sep 18 2012: 1. Not to memorize, but thinking by myself, and to be positively critical.
    2. How to separate and choose the interesting from the useless.
    3. How to listen.
    4. How to be silent.
    5. How to put myselfo into the others' skin
    6. How to be compassionate.
    7. How to feel fine under bad conditions.
    8. How to think wisely.
    9. How to be patient.
    10. How to think well.
    Now, may be it's a little bit late for me. I try to do my best and to feel so, but how much life lost ! And what a hard way it was!
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      Sep 18 2012: Another person in this conversation suggested Philosophy, which I'm only starting to read now. That would have saved me from years of re-inventing the wheel of self-help. #7, especially--wish I had just read Seneca and Nietzsche at 20, max.
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        Sep 19 2012: I agree, Genevieve. Philosophy is always a good topic for live and to love. Some theories may be now surpassed, but the 'know-how' thinking and the opportunity for looking deeper inside ourselves is, always, interesant and useful.

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