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United Nations website needs to change and update to the ted talks socail media platform.

I did my own assessment and evaluation of the current U.N website its outdated and needs to change. My opinion so I made my inquiries to find out who or how to give them my execution plan I thought this threw people. Nothing has changed so your all smart people your insight would help.

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    Sep 18 2012: Should your recommendations for the United Nations homepage perhaps be directed to the site managers of that site rather than to the participants in TED Conversations?

    Are you suggesting that the imformation they offer on their site is not of interest to the users of that site but that talks would be?

    Why would a site need TED's permission to have talks on their site if they felt that was the best way of conveying what they mean to convey to their users? Many websites have talks on their sites.
    • Sep 18 2012: Yes I thought of that . Thanks
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        Sep 18 2012: Now that you have changed your question and elaboration (since I replied to your original posting twenty minutes ago), I will reply to your new version.

        While those who rejected your proposal are the most reliable source for the answer to the question of why they rejected your idea, I can hazard a guess. They likely believe that the format of their site is a better way of offering the variety of information their users want and need than the format you propose.
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        Sep 18 2012: I am only trying to be helpful, I interpreted your revised question as asking why the UN site did not accept your suggestion, and I answered that in good faith.

        My honest best guess is that they think their best way of communicating the specific material they do is via the sorts of links and documents they offer now, or variations of that format, rather than as talks. They likely are interested in the range of users they expect for their site and will try to take that perspective in designing or modifying their site.

        That was all I intended to convey.
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    Sep 19 2012: Check out

    It takes alot of time and wasted money to make thing happen in the Government. It not as simple as hearing a great idea and moving forward. Government is slow and unless you know someone in the UN you will probably get no where... Sorry friend
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    Sep 18 2012: Did you communicate with any of them? Was there a two way email inquiry? or were you just thanked for your concern and was told that your innovative idea was already forwarded and was being looked by the appropriate people concerned? if there was no communication then your suggestion is probably lost in all the noise already being sent there day in,day out.Keep sending your suggestion until you get a response,good or bad.
    • Sep 18 2012: Thank you respect . I contacted news media and am making online efforts to make this possible hope you will help in my effort be well.