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Does the "occupy Wall Street" "movement" really make a difference? What purpose does the "movement" serve?

There are many different ways that ideas can spark a movement towards action and change. It is unclear what the "occupy" movement expects to accomplish. What are the ideas that the occupy Wall Street movement share? The people participating in the "occupy Wall Street" protests, stagings, and sit-ins commonly compare their movement to the "Tea Party"... Is this a fair comparison? Are the "occupiers" making any progress whatsoever?


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  • Sep 18 2012: I think whatever societal movement that the Occupy protests started, they have destroyed by loitering on for too long. Much like those feed hungry african commercials, at first they where effective, then people got numb/used to them. It is the same deal, not to mention if the Occupy protests have better organization among the camps and had a much clearer message it would have been more effective.
    • Sep 18 2012: I think your point is well made... The simple fact that the "demonstrations" (at least in lower Manhattan) have appeared to be little more than gatherings of young people have led to the message (if there is one) to be unclear.

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