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The Greatest Speech Ever Made: Charlie Chaplin Edited version


There's all sorts of things to appreciate in this video, be it the content of the message or the way the video was edited. It was also amazing how ahead of his time Charlie Chaplin was, and it was pretty chilling how much of his speech he made half a century ago still has strong messages that apply today.

There's been a lot of talk about religions and there has been a lot of tension within some of the discussions here. Religion is a subject that I'm not very knowledgeable on, I'm merely viewing religion as an outsider point of view. I am, however, confident in myself to believe that this is an idea worth spreading, and whether we believe in a God or not, I believe this is one idea all cultures around the world should believe in.

Oh and btw, in the description box of the youtube video, there are links to translated versions of the same video.

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    Sep 18 2012: Without clicking... I knew... "The Great Dictator"... What a film. Beautiful youtube video too. The last movie he ever made, and his only "talkie"... "No one wants to hear the tramp speak".

    If you haven't seen it... I have to mention, as a sucker for classic films "City Lights", may be the best love story ever told, and one of the best silent films ever made. Great date movie for someone in the art house scene.

    This is one of my favorites... http://youtu.be/1iFpw0uIkbo
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      Sep 19 2012: You seem to be really into the classic movies, I've only seen a few occasionally some from HBO and some from a couple of film classes here.

      And as for the video, I wouldn't say that culture is being destroyed. Or actually, the way he uses "destroyed" is synonymous to evolving or constant "destruction" but also constant recreation. A culture really dies when when the last man standing is gone and/or all the artifacts that reference that culture is gone.
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    Sep 17 2012: Oh really a wonderful speech, I think that all world leaders must listen it once and try to convert this world into a peaceful place to live in.

    Thanks for sharing....