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Is there some research conducted in the area of "Purpose of Existence of the Universe or God?"

The human race becomes quite fanatic when it comes to religion. And there are quite a good number of spiritual leaders who advise people on their religions...

My question to ALL the spiritual leaders are as under:

1. .Show me ONE person who has interacted and is still interacting and can make me experience the Divine maybe Jesus, Allah or any other God?

2. Everyone talks about Karma and Who am I? I request everyone to think beyond that.. What is Universe? Why does it exist in the first place? Why are we unable to look beyond Earth except for the few NASA scientists/astronauts?


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  • Sep 17 2012: Why does the average human question their own existence? I mean scientists ask "why" because they want to learn to better our future. I don't feel the average person cares about that really, they just want to know for their own selves. But my question to those people is "What would you do with the answer if you had it?" Become rich? Be on talk shows? Sell t-shirts? Unless your a researcher and your goal is to perfect our existence without harming our surroundings then why does the average person need to know? lol
    • Sep 18 2012: To be honest Zakrey, I am keen to know only because I am facing lots and lots of problems in life most caused because of my own doings and I do not get solutions from "God" .. but that ultimately leads to the fact that I exist... and I do not know why I exist just to face such issues? What is the purpose?
      • Sep 18 2012: Well I do understand your point, but will having the answer change what you do on earth? I understand it could be relief or stress off the shoulders, but then again it could add more. In such a giant cosmos we are all nothing but insignificant pieces of star stuff, but as a whole we have done an outstanding level of advancement as a race. I cherish the fact that I am a human and not a lion or an insect, that I have the ability to think and create on a level that isn't possible for any other species but humans on this planet. I think Dr. Neil Degrasse Tyson put in a better perspective for me to think, in saying that instead of saying the universe is up there and we are all down here, he thinks of it as the universe is everywhere and we are apart of it. As he stated our existence is made up of the most common ingredients in the universe. We aren't an accident or part of some plan, somewhere in the cosmos this is bound to happen. So we are special in our own way. What makes you unique and what defines you and your purpose of existence, is what you do and the choices you make while you are alive. I personally cant think of a stronger reason to have purpose or meaning that the feeling I have for myself. I like to know that I was created because its part of a working natural system in life, not because some higher power created me. I just don't feel caring or worrying about why you are here is anything you should fret on. That focus should go to channeling your abilities on what you can do and provide for yourself and even those around you. Nothing is more heart warming to me than knowing that I am a living breathing creature in a working system of chemical reactions. To think there is a purpose outside of here would almost be insulting me and making me personally feel like a science project lol.

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