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Is there some research conducted in the area of "Purpose of Existence of the Universe or God?"

The human race becomes quite fanatic when it comes to religion. And there are quite a good number of spiritual leaders who advise people on their religions...

My question to ALL the spiritual leaders are as under:

1. .Show me ONE person who has interacted and is still interacting and can make me experience the Divine maybe Jesus, Allah or any other God?

2. Everyone talks about Karma and Who am I? I request everyone to think beyond that.. What is Universe? Why does it exist in the first place? Why are we unable to look beyond Earth except for the few NASA scientists/astronauts?

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    Sep 20 2012: We exist for and to love. Why does love exist ? It is it's own excuse for being. There is a god shaped hole in us and we have to fill it up with love or we are dead people walking around.
    • Sep 21 2012: While I truly appreciate your response, I feel that we are already dead when we do not know for sure our destiny... I don't think ANYONE on this earth is aware of where one goes after physical death? Do you?

      I will agree with you that why waste time in thinking about them when there is so little time to love? Right?

      But honestly, I WANT to know WHY I or the Universe exists? Why even God exists?
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        Sep 21 2012: Saurin, I thank you for your lovely response. I see that you are not comfortable with not knowing. My answer to why God exists is the same as love because I believe that God is Love. I, too, do not know where I am going when I die, but I believe that dying is a transition like birth is. I believe that it is not the end of me. (:>)
        • Sep 21 2012: Helen.. thank you for your kind words... but what you have just expressed is your "belief".. we are made to believe that this is not the end and that there is another life that we will be joining after death... but we are not allowed to think why do we need another "dead" life when we are unable to understand this one too? This is not love of God if he exists.. It is mere sarcasm.. that no matter how much confused we are, he is not there to clarify why a human needs to live...
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        Sep 21 2012: Saurin....If you really think about it you will find that human beings live by faith alone. Have you ever heard someone say "I could not believe my eyes ) ? The only thing that we know is that we do not know. We believe whatever works or seems reasonable.
  • Sep 17 2012: Why does the average human question their own existence? I mean scientists ask "why" because they want to learn to better our future. I don't feel the average person cares about that really, they just want to know for their own selves. But my question to those people is "What would you do with the answer if you had it?" Become rich? Be on talk shows? Sell t-shirts? Unless your a researcher and your goal is to perfect our existence without harming our surroundings then why does the average person need to know? lol
    • Sep 18 2012: To be honest Zakrey, I am keen to know only because I am facing lots and lots of problems in life most caused because of my own doings and I do not get solutions from "God" .. but that ultimately leads to the fact that I exist... and I do not know why I exist just to face such issues? What is the purpose?
      • Sep 18 2012: Well I do understand your point, but will having the answer change what you do on earth? I understand it could be relief or stress off the shoulders, but then again it could add more. In such a giant cosmos we are all nothing but insignificant pieces of star stuff, but as a whole we have done an outstanding level of advancement as a race. I cherish the fact that I am a human and not a lion or an insect, that I have the ability to think and create on a level that isn't possible for any other species but humans on this planet. I think Dr. Neil Degrasse Tyson put in a better perspective for me to think, in saying that instead of saying the universe is up there and we are all down here, he thinks of it as the universe is everywhere and we are apart of it. As he stated our existence is made up of the most common ingredients in the universe. We aren't an accident or part of some plan, somewhere in the cosmos this is bound to happen. So we are special in our own way. What makes you unique and what defines you and your purpose of existence, is what you do and the choices you make while you are alive. I personally cant think of a stronger reason to have purpose or meaning that the feeling I have for myself. I like to know that I was created because its part of a working natural system in life, not because some higher power created me. I just don't feel caring or worrying about why you are here is anything you should fret on. That focus should go to channeling your abilities on what you can do and provide for yourself and even those around you. Nothing is more heart warming to me than knowing that I am a living breathing creature in a working system of chemical reactions. To think there is a purpose outside of here would almost be insulting me and making me personally feel like a science project lol.
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    Sep 17 2012: 1) If ONE person can show you what you ask, believe me, he or she is a fraud.

    2) "Who am I?" if you arrive at the deepest understanding of that question it becomes clear that you, I and everyone is that universe. That universe is and because of it, you are.
  • Sep 17 2012: I would have Loved your question. as you see there are numerous religions in the world, some we haven't heard of either.
    But there is still a faith in religion which tells us the way to live.
    To whichever religion one may belong but there is always a way to live and lead life peacefully and with honour. Its difficult to understand the word "GOD" in religions but in my view the GOD is just a medium for people to think about the better life than being themselves only.

    Including the Gurus will be as good as a consultant who could clear the doubts ! Or to make a remarkable question about belonging to any religion!
    • Sep 17 2012: So the direct question is ? Is religion just a "Way of Life" that does not guarantee any exposure to God?
      • Sep 17 2012: "any exposure to God" is had to understand as the stories and the Holy Books are seem to be much more than a myth at many a times when it arises to god exists or not.
        May be its diff to any other individual but as per my view:
        God : A person set as a ideal who impressed others by his living and ideas.

        As thinking of A God With Powers would be thinking of a real spiderman o superman. ;)

        You may accept or deny, but as i said it depends on individual's view (the surrounding he lives in).
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        Sep 17 2012: Religion is just a thing that holds our belief.with it life may become easier to us .when we meet something confused we may turn to god .just like the saying;people born suffering.
        you know not everything can be order to solve these questions we say it is god.
        what do you think?
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        Sep 17 2012: Whether there is such a physical entity as God or not, perhaps that isn't important. What's important is God as an idea and what that idea means to people. Just like how it is not so much the physical beings of Martin Luther King Jr. and Gandhi that made them so great, but the ideas that they represented and what those ideas meant to the people is what made them important.

        I was reminded of a scene from V for Vendetta:

        "Beneath this mask there is more than flesh. Beneath this mask, there is an idea, Mr. Creedy, and ideas are bulletproof."
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          Sep 20 2012: God is not a physical entity. We cannot understand the essence of God. We say that God is love. I cannot give you a defensible description of love.
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      Sep 17 2012: That's well said!
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    Sep 21 2012: Hi Saurin....I am not that Guru. lol
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    Sep 21 2012: Thank you for lovely response..Saurin. I see that you are not comfortable with not knowing. I believe that God is love so my answer to you would be (own excuse for being) ....I too have no idea what happens to me when I die but I believe that is not the end of me..(:>)
  • Sep 18 2012: So basically if we have to consolidate our conversations so far, God is nothing but a myth, a belief that we all respect in order to demonstrate that we are good people and that we are leading an "honest" life? Right? God cannot solve our problems.. but it is only us that will have to solve our problems...

    Secondly, in other words, we are trying to prove to the world that we are good people... While in spirituality or religion, there is no such thing as good or bad... it is just about obtaining a state of absoluteness or vaccumness that will free us from the material world...
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    Sep 17 2012: When i hear people say God told me,that's when i usually think they are fuelling a crowd of believers with hype,in all my years he' has never said a damn word and if he did then i would know something was wrong,really wrong and no one would believe me putting me on a path that would ultimately lead me to being a crackpot,an ignored herald.I don't care what realists say,they have they're universal view,i have mine and it likes the way he doesn't say anything and i wouldn't either if i was him,there's no need to.
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    Sep 17 2012: Trying to find God through science is like asking a couple of religious scholars to research the cure for cancer or HIV.

    Science can not answer all the questions about humanity because not all real things can be observed or measured or subjected to experinments. And I'm yet to see a religion that tries to tell us about the details of Oceanography or Geology.
  • Sep 17 2012: "Is there some research conducted in the area of "Purpose of Existence of the Universe or God?" "

    No, people think about these things all the time but they are impossible to research, sadly some theologians still claim to do such "research" and even more sadly, sometimes they get people to divert funding to them, away from real research.
  • Sep 17 2012: A good query but i make out that the answer to this is not there with anyone! To find out the reason we have something more as before creation of universe!

    A new o express you question! But i afraid still unanswerable.!
    • Sep 17 2012: Thanks Jasreet Singh... I agree with you completely that I do not think ANY spiritual leader has the answer to this question... Then what is the point in fighting in the name of religions when we just do not know who or what we are ? and what we are talking about?

      I invite ANY spiritual Guru including the famous ones like His Highness The Pope, His Highness Dalai Lama, Sri Sri Ravishankarjee and similar great gurus.. to share their wisdom with the TED community on this thought. I just hope I get enough support from the community.
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        Sep 20 2012: You are right. Religions do not answer this question. If you live love, you wouldn't be asking this question.
        • Sep 21 2012: I am really looking for that one GURU who can make me experience the fact WHY I exist...

          I have heard all sorts of theories from famous spiritual institutions. I also realize that many will judge me as a show off of my ego, I humbly would like to convey to all that I am just not interested in myself... I am more interested in the purpose of life and purpose of universe and God...