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ideas are the collision of the questions that we get on a regular basis...

Ideas emerge from our everyday problems we face or from our thinking that makes our living simple or from the quest to create something new...

What i feel is the solution to the ideas that we get is the questions that we meet on a regular basis..
For example: we are using our phone regularly and we are unable to get signal's in a remote place.then we start wondering why the network is unavailable in that region? thinking of that we can get an idea to create an application that will help you locate the signal, or an application for your mobile which can calculate through basic maths and say that it will take about 20 minutes to get to the distance where we will be able to locate signal in our phone...

These ideas that emerge is the collaboration between our brain, visual thinking and the sense to imply the problem that we get.

i think that getting those ideas from nowhere and finding a solution to it is the war between our questions that emerge from nowhere and let you create a solution for the idea..

  • Sep 17 2012: Yes.

    For instance, there is a conversation about open immigration. It occurred to me that with open immigration the USA would be flooded with people from all over the world. The mass of these people would slightly change the center of gravity of the planet. Well that scenario is very unlikely. But we are constantly moving mass around the world, in the form of trade. This too changes the center of gravity of the planet. Could this be significant enough to affect earthquakes and volcanoes? Could it be affecting the wobble in the rotation of the planet, and have an effect on climate change?

    Often I start thinking about one subject which leads to another and that leads to another ... the end seems to have no relation at all to the beginning. Conversations often wander like this. I do not think this is just incidental to our lives. I strongly suspect that these seemingly insignificant connections between ideas are an important part of our ability to adapt, survive and thrive.