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Do you think in our efforts to have equality that women are now to masculine?

I specialise in Women's Health and Wellness and have written several books on women's hormones. I have found in my clinic and the larger community that working women have high levels of testosterone. This is a "male"hormone found in both sexes but seems to be much higher than it should be in working women.
I believe the causes are:
* social (women need to be man-like in thoughts to work)
* Foods such as carbs may push levels up
* Stress (adrenal glands made testosterone in women and also stress hormones
* Survival (testosterone can be activated when a person fears for their life)

What are your thoughts.. in the work place and personally?


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    Sep 17 2012: I would say women are women and to a great extent that really matters about as much as the fact that I have SNP rs1447295. If you say all woman are to masculine you are asking for an argument on the proper place of a woman. I do not see work as man-like woman work and have always worked. Diet would be an interesting study, but food is not masculine. My view is equality is not something you would or should trade for a slightly lower hormone level even if that were scientifically proven.

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